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Paris is perhaps the most iconic city in the world. With stunning sights like the Eiffel Tower, rich cultural and artistic heritage as exemplified by the Louvre Museum, and the exquisite Parisian gastronomy and cafe culture, no other city has luxury and extravagance running through its veins quite like Paris. This raises the question, in a city overflowing with cultural highlights, stunning locations, and fine dining options, how can you be sure that you are making the most of your Paris vacation?

Our solution is to craft individual, completely bespoke custom itineraries for each of our clients, which are then fulfilled by our qualified, experienced, and passionate English speaking tour guides

We don’t believe guests should be forced to work within the limiting constraints offered by the majority of private and small group tour operators, instead simply get in touch letting us know how long you plan to spend touring Paris with your private guide, and whether it is for two hours or two weeks we will consult with you to create a no-obligation complimentary custom itinerary tailored exactly to your tastes.

Discover Paris, your way

Looking to fill a day of your vacation touring the unmissable sights of the city with your private guide? Do you need our guides to prepare a kid-friendly family tour or do you require a driver-guide for your tour experience? 

Even if you are looking for an additional touch of luxury that other providers do not offer such as a guided river cruise along the Seine or even a hot air balloon ride high above the Paris skyline, we can deliver the ultimate tour experience for you.

What makes our luxury guided tours of Paris so special?

Quite simply our custom guided tours combine comfort, elegance, and expert local insight and knowledge in a way that others cannot compete with.

When you book a tour with us you know that every single moment has been designed with you in mind. From your first correspondence, you will be in touch with your tour advisor who will offer their specialist advice and suggestions to create a bespoke no-obligation tour itinerary for your time here.

At the beginning of your tour, you will be greeted by one of our English-speaking private guides, who have been selected for their warmth, passion, and knowledge of the city. Our company has spent the last 20 years welcoming some of the world’s most important visitors to Paris so we can ensure you that you are in good hands.

Depending on your preferences our tours can combine elements of the following:

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Salut from France! I’m Debbie, founder of Luxury France Tours.

Having developed into a Francophile on a trip to the French Alps many years ago while still in school, I moved to France after a career traveling the world led to me meeting my (now) French Husband in Johannesburg. I created Luxury France Tours as a way of sharing my love of France & igniting this passion in others.

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Multi-Day tour itineraries to inspire your trip

Eiffel Tower

A global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognisable structures in the world, a sightseeing trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower.

While you will catch glimpses of the tower as you travel throughout Paris, we recommend first-time visitors make the most of the opportunity by touring the structure itself. There are three levels for visitors, with restaurants on the first and second levels and a viewing deck on the third (906 ft above ground).

The tower is the most visited-paid tourist attraction in the world so if you’d like to include it in your itinerary we do generally recommend purchasing in advance our skip-the-line tickets to avoid queuing.

Louvre Museum Tour

The world’s largest art museum, containing more than 380,000 objects and 35,000 works of art in eight incredibly diverse collections, the Louvre Museum is an absolutely must-visit while you’re in Paris.

From Egyptian to Ancient Greek, Etruscan and Roman collections, the museum offers a stunning array of pieces that one could spend a lifetime exploring, including works from Donatello and Michelangelo and the world-famous Mona Lisa painting.

Include a tour of the Louvre in your Paris itinerary by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Palace of Versailles

Previously a simple hunting lodge belonging to the royals, The Palace of Versailles was developed after Louis XIV decided it’d be the principal royal residence of France in 1682, rebuilding, embellishing and generally enlarging the building to be more than fit for the King and his court.

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the palace’s highlights include the legendary Hall of Mirrors, the stunning Royal Opera and the royal apartments, but even this grandeur does not outdo the glorious Gardens of Versailles (featuring impressive fountains, canals and geometric flowerbeds).

A hugely significant palace in history, the palace was the setting for events such as The Peace of Paris in 1783; the Proclamation of the German Empire as well as the Treaty of Versailles which signed an end to World War I.

Include a tour of the Palace of Versailles in your itinerary by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Arc de Triomphe

Another of the most famous monuments in Paris, the Arc de Triomphe stands proudly at the end of the Champs-Élysées in the middle of Place Charles de Gaulle.

This grand structure was built to honor those who fought and died during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars and aside from featuring beautiful facades, the interior offers visitors a chance to browse a small exhibit detailing the history of the arc.

Certainly not one you should miss during your trip, include the Arc de Triomphe in your tour itinerary by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Opera Garnier

Possibly the most famous opera house in the world, the Opera Garnier is a symbol of Paris as powerful as any other and its beauty and elegance has been marvelled at since it was opened in 1875.

A building of unique grandeur (even by Paris’ sublime standards), we simply couldn’t recommend a tour of the Opera Garnier enough. Indeed, as you walk through the entrance of the Opera, exploring the Grand Staircase, Grand Foyer and arrive at the elegant Auditorium, it’s easy to understand why the building is often described as a true masterpiece of human design.

Include a tour of Opera Garnier in your itinerary by simply clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame de Paris (simply known as Notre-Dame), is one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in the world and one of the most widely recognized symbols of the city of Paris and of France generally.

The cathedral’s construction started back in 1160 and as such had stood through many a historical event, including its desecration during the French Revolution and the coronation of Napoleon I in the 19th Century.

Learn more about Notre Dame Cathedral by including it in your private tour itinerary by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Claude Monet’s Home & Gardens

Visit the beautiful gardens and home of Impressionist artist Claude Monet; where he lived and painted for 43 years from 1883 to his death in 1926.

Claude directed the renovation of the house and the gardens have been restored according to Monet’s specifications; giving those lucky enough to visit a clear insight into the mind and vision of one of the world’s most renowned artists.

Include a visit to Claude Monet’s Home and Gardens in your itinerary by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Seine River Cruise

A terrific way to explore the city of love, especially at night, is by enjoying a cruise down Paris’ Seine River.

Sit back and relax as you watch some of the jewels of Paris from the river as you pass through the center of the city. For those interested, we also arrange a selection of dinner cruises on the Seine for our clients who want to have a moving view of the greatest city in the world to accompany their meal.

Include a cruise down the Seine River by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

French Dining & Cooking Class

France is known for many things, but possibly none more so than its incredible cuisine.

After taking in the sites throughout the day in Paris, we often recommend clients get a first-hand experience of the French (and more specifically the Parisian) cuisine by taking part in a private cooking class and tasting.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn more about the wonders of French food by master chefs, make sure to include a cooking class or traditional French dining experience in your itinerary by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.