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Our tour planning specialists have handcrafted our 14-day guided tour itinerary of Switzerland and France so that you can see the best of these two European gems in just two weeks, all from the comfort of our luxury vehicle and your private driver.

Beginning with the pristine landscapes of Zurich and concluding in the romantic avenues of Paris, our 14-day itinerary will see you traverse the Swiss Alps’ majestic peaks, explore idyllic lakeside towns, and indulge in the rich cultural tapestry of both nations.

Destinations On Our 14-Day France & Switzerland Trip

Day 1: Discovering Zurich's Essence

Old Town, Zurich, Switzerland

Welcome to Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, known for its perfect blend of cultural vibrancy and scenic landscapes. As you touch down at the airport, our driver will be waiting to deliver you to your city accommodation.

Arrival and Lake Zurich

The first destination on our itinerary gets underway with a serene start at Lake Zurich.

Set sail on Lake Zurich and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Switzerland’s landscapes. As you drift across the reflective waters, enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding Alps and Zurich’s picturesque shoreline.

This peaceful boat journey offers a moment of relaxation while showcasing the city’s elegant urban backdrop against the natural splendor of its alpine setting.

Old Town (Altstadt) Wanderings

Delve into the heart of Zurich with a guided walking tour of the Old Town (Altstadt). Wander through narrow, winding streets lined with medieval and Renaissance buildings.

Highlights include the Grossmünster and Fraumünster churches, known for their striking architecture and stained glass windows by Marc Chagall.

Bahnhofstrasse and Zurich West

Experience the contrast of Zurich’s character as you walk down Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most exclusive shopping streets.

Then, transition to Zurich West, the city’s former industrial area turned trendy district. Your guide will highlight the innovative architecture and urban spaces that reflect Zurich’s dynamic evolution.

Day 2: Zurich Cultural Insights and Panoramic Views

Uetliberg Viewpoint, Switzerland

On your second day, dive deeper into Zurich’s cultural offerings and enjoy breathtaking city views, uncovering the artistic and natural beauty that defines this Swiss metropolis.

Kunsthaus Zurich

Start your day at Kunsthaus Zurich, the city’s premier art museum.

Explore an impressive collection ranging from medieval sculptures to contemporary art, including significant works by Swiss artists and international figures like Munch and Picasso. With your private guide navigating the way for you and explaining the stories behind these legendary figures and their works.

Uetliberg Mountain

Escape to Uetliberg Mountain for an afternoon amidst nature. Your guide will lead you on a gentle hike to the summit, offering panoramic views of Zurich, the lake, and the distant Alps.

This guided hike, which we can tailor to your mobility and experience, will create moments that will truly allow you to appreciate the city’s stunning natural setting and the tranquility that surrounds it.

Lindenhof Hill

We end day 2 of our itinerary at Lindenhof Hill, a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city.

This historic site offers not only a quiet place to reflect but also beautiful views of the Old Town and the Limmat River. Your guide will share tales of Lindenhof’s role in Zurich’s history, from Roman times to pivotal moments in Swiss history.

Day 3: Rheinfall and Schaffhausen Adventure

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Day 3 of your itinerary offers an enchanting day trip from Zurich to the majestic Rheinfall and the historic town of Schaffhausen.

Experience the raw power of Europe’s largest waterfall and delve into the medieval charm of Schaffhausen, all within the comfort of a private tour with a luxury vehicle.

Rheinfall Waterfall

Depart Zurich in the morning, heading towards the spectacular Rheinfall near Schaffhausen.

As you approach, the thunderous sound of cascading water signals the grandeur of what’s to come. Upon arrival, your guide will lead you to the best vantage points and share insights into the waterfall’s formation and significance in Swiss lore.

Feel the mist on your face during an optional boat ride that takes you up close to the roaring falls, offering a breathtaking experience.

Exploring Schaffhausen

After marveling at Rheinfall, continue to Schaffhausen, a town renowned for its well-preserved medieval history.

Stroll through the cobbled streets with your guide, admiring the oriel windows and intricate frescoes that adorn the facades of historic buildings. Visit the Munot Fortress, a 16th-century fortification offering panoramic views of the town and the surrounding vineyards as tales of Schaffhausen’s past, from its strategic importance in medieval times to its present-day allure, are revealed to you.

Return to Zurich

Conclude your day trip with a leisurely return to Zurich in the luxury of our private car.

Day 4: From Zurich to Interlaken - Gateway to the Alps

Interlaken, Switzerland

Day 4 begins with a 1 hour and 45-minute private transfer from Zurich to Interlaken, the adventure capital between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. As you traverse the Swiss countryside, marvel at the picturesque vistas of rolling hills, drive along the banks of Lake Lucerne, and distant mountain peaks.

Lake Thun or Lake Brienz Cruise

Upon arrival in Interlaken, embark on a leisurely cruise on either Lake Thun or Lake Brienz.

These deep-blue lakes are framed by steep cliffs and snow-capped mountains, offering some of the most postcard-worthy views in Switzerland. On the relaxing cruise, your private Captain will point out historical castles, charming villages, and natural wonders along the shores.

Walking Tour Through Interlaken

As the sun begins to set in Interlaken, join your guide for a guided walking tour through the city’s vibrant streets.

Visit the Höhematte, a central green space offering panoramic views of the Jungfrau Mountain, and explore local shops and cafes.

Day 5: Jungfrau Region Exploration

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Dedicate your fifth day to exploring the majestic Jungfrau Region, home to some of the Swiss Alps’s most iconic peaks and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Jungfraujoch Excursion

The highlight of today is an excursion to Jungfraujoch, the “Top of Europe.” Board the cogwheel train for a journey through the Eiger and Mönch mountains, culminating at Europe’s highest railway station.

Your guide will accompany you through the Ice Palace, the Sphinx Observatory, and the snow-covered plateau, offering unparalleled views of the Aletsch Glacier and surrounding peaks.

Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen Valley

After descending from Jungfraujoch, spend your afternoon in either Grindelwald or the Lauterbrunnen Valley. In Grindelwald, known as the “Glacier Village,” you can enjoy alpine activities or explore the area leisurely.

Alternatively, with its 72 waterfalls, the Lauterbrunnen Valley offers a serene setting for hiking and nature walks. Our tour planning team will tailor the experience to your interests, ensuring an unforgettable afternoon in the Bernese Oberland.

Return to Interlaken

Return to Interlaken with your guide as the day draws to a close.

Day 6: Geneva - Welcome to Geneva

Visit Geneva on your 21 day tour of France.
Geneva, Switzerland

On the morning of day 6, your driver will collect you from your accommodation for the 2-and-a-half-hour transfer to the cosmopolitan city of Geneva, a global hub for diplomacy and humanitarian efforts.

If you would like to stop for lunch or breakfast en route, simply message our tour planners, and we can build it into your itinerary.

Walking Tour of Geneva's Old Town

Begin your walking tour in Geneva’s Old Town, the heart of the city’s historical narrative.

Wander through its narrow streets with your private guide, who will reveal the stories behind the St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Place du Bourg-de-Four, and the Maison Tavel. Each site offers a glimpse into Geneva’s rich past and architectural heritage.

United Nations and International Geneva

Proceed to the Palais des Nations, the European headquarters of the United Nations.

On this exclusive guided tour, you will delve into the workings of international diplomacy and Geneva’s role as the “Capital of Peace”.

Explore Ariana Park and the significant monuments within, each narrating a piece of global history.

Lake Geneva and Jet d'Eau

Conclude your day with a stroll along in the city beside Lake Geneva.

Witness the Jet d’Eau, one of the city’s most famous landmarks, shooting water high into the sky. This tranquil walk offers a moment to reflect on Geneva’s natural beauty and serene lakefront setting.

We are having a fabulous time and the tour of the Loire Valley was amazing! We too adore Bruno and Flor. They are perfect ambassadors of France who shared their history and culture with us so eloquently! We give our highest plaudits to Flor for her insights into French history. And to Bruno, easily the best driver we could ever want. The Loire Valley is so beautiful we wanted to stay forever! We had a wonderful time at Versailles too. Our guide was a delightful and expressive soul who made the ages of Louis XIV, XV, XVI, Madame DuBarry, and Marie Antoinette truly come to life! We made a connection with her too: she hails from Catania, Sicily, and my ancestors are from nearby Cefalu, Sicily. A singularly unique and privileged day in Versailles! Many thanks to you for going the extra mile to make all of these arrangements for us! We truly hope we can return again! And we no doubt will call on you for help! Thank you so much!

Day 7: Montreux and Château de Chillon Day Trip

Château de Chillon, Switzerlands

Our day trip at the one-week juncture is designed for you to combine the allure of the Swiss Riviera with medieval history in the enchanting town of Montreux and the historic Château de Chillon, nestled along the shores of Lake Geneva.


Depart Geneva for Montreux, a resort town celebrated for its mild climate and vibrant cultural scene, notably the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Stroll along the flower-lined promenade, taking in the views of the lake and the distant Alps. Explore the town’s charming streets, filled with art and music, capturing the essence of the Swiss Riviera.

Château de Chillon

Continue to Château de Chillon, located on a small island near Montreux. This medieval castle, with its towers, halls, and dungeons, stands as a testament to the strategic importance of Lake Geneva’s shores through the centuries.

Your guided tour here will see you explore the castle’s history, from its role in the Savoy dynasty to its inspiration for artists like Lord Byron.

Return to Geneva

As you journey back to Geneva, reflect on the picturesque landscapes and historical insights gained during your day trip.

Day 8: From Geneva to Lyon - The Gateway to French Culture

guided tour in Saint-Jean district, Lyon, France
Saint-Jean District, Lyon, France

Today, we leave Switzerland behind as we cross the border into France, and in particular, the vibrant heart of French gastronomy, Lyon. The transfer with your private driver takes just 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Discovering Lyon's Renaissance Old Town

Arrive in Lyon and delve into the Renaissance charm of Vieux Lyon.

Meander through its narrow streets and hidden passages as your guide unveils the stories behind the Saint Jean Cathedral and the area’s historical significance.

Lyon's Culinary Delights

Your first day in France comes to a close with a private tasting tour of Lyon’s renowned bouchons.

Experience the authentic flavors of Lyonnaise cuisine, from quenelles to tarte aux pralines, as you enjoy a flavorful narrative of Lyon’s culinary traditions.

Day 9: The Essence of Lyon

External view of the Notre-Dame de Fourvière, Lyon, France
SNotre-Dame de Fourvière, Lyon, France

On day nine, we dive deeper into Lyon’s ancient roots and modern innovations, all set against the backdrop of the city’s natural beauty.

Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière & Roman Theatres

Your second day in Lyon takes you to the majestic Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, perched atop the city, offering unparalleled views and a glimpse into spiritual artistry with its stunning mosaics and intricate architecture.

Then, journey back in time to the ancient Roman Theatres, one of Lyon’s historical treasures, where gladiators once entertained and dramas unfolded under the open sky. Your guide will weave the narratives of faith, art, and ancient entertainment, illustrating how these landmarks have shaped Lyon’s cultural and historical landscape, making this tour a profound exploration of the city’s diverse heritage.

The Confluence District

Explore Lyon’s Confluence district in the afternoon, a testament to the city’s forward-thinking urban development. Your guide will highlight the striking architecture and the innovative Confluence Museum, which merges science, art, and society.

Tête d'Or Park

Our final destination in the city is Tête d’Or Park, Lyon’s green heart. Enjoy a stroll around the lake, through botanical gardens, and past the zoo.

This peaceful setting offers a moment to relax and reflect on Lyon’s vibrant culture and history.

Day 10: Journey into Burgundy's Wine Legacy

tiled roofs and 13th century buildings tour in France.
Hospices de Beaune, France

Set off from Lyon to immerse yourself in the esteemed wine region of Burgundy, a realm where the art of viticulture reaches unparalleled heights.

Begin your day with the one-and-a-half-hour transfer to Burgundy, a region synonymous with fine wine and rich history.

Delving into Côte de Nuits

The afternoon is reserved for an intimate exploration of the Côte de Nuits vineyards, renowned for producing some of the world’s finest Pinot Noir.

Your private guide will lead you through the vine-laden landscapes, offering insights into the intricate wine-making process, culminating in a curated tasting session.

Beaune's Historical Charm

No trip to the region would be complete without seeing Beaune, the heart of Burgundy’s wine country.

Explore its cobblestone streets to the Hospices de Beaune, a masterpiece of Flemish-Burgundian architecture, where your guide will illuminate the town’s storied past and its enduring connection to the wine industry.

Day 11: Exploring the Essence of Burgundy

vineyard in Bordeaux with rows of vines under bright blue sky.
Burgundy, France

Enjoy your breakfast on the morning of your second day in Burgundy as you prepare to look deeper into the region’s viticultural heart, uncovering the secrets of its renowned estates and historic towns.

The Riches of Côte de Beaune

Our first stop is the Côte de Beaune area, where the vineyards tell tales of terroir and tradition.

Traversing these lands and participating in private tastings that showcase the area’s celebrated wines is surely the finest way to enhance your understanding of Burgundy’s diverse palette.

Exclusive Experience at Château de Pommard

An undoubted highlight of the afternoon is an exclusive visit to Château de Pommard, a historic estate enveloped by lush vineyards.

Here, immerse yourself in an exceptional wine experience, guided by experts who will share the nuances of their prestigious vintages and the château’s heritage.

Dijon's Architectural Splendors

We end our time in Burgundy in Dijon, the region’s historic capital.

Your tour reveals the city’s architectural marvels, from the grandeur of the Palace of the Dukes to the intricate details of half-timbered houses, offering a fitting end to your exploration of Burgundy’s cultural and oenological treasures.

Day 12: Parisian Elegance & Art

The Louvre, Paris, France

Transition from the rolling vineyards of Burgundy to the heart of French culture and sophistication in Paris, the City of Light, where art and history meet modern elegance.

Begin your day aboard a high-speed train from Dijon, whisking you directly into Paris.

Louvre Museum Highlights

Step into the world-renowned Louvre, the world’s largest art museum, in the heart of Paris.

Wander through its vast halls with an expert guide, who will lead you to iconic masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Uncover the stories and secrets behind these legendary works and explore the rich tapestry of art history spanning from ancient civilizations to the 19th century, all within the stunning former royal palace.

Seine River Cruise

End your day with an enchanting cruise along the Seine River.

As night falls, witness the illuminated beauty of Parisian landmarks, including Notre Dame and the glittering Eiffel Tower, from the unique vantage point of the water.

Debbie and Sonia from Luxury France Tours helped us organised a lovely 6 days to Avignon & Tours after our Lourdes pilgrimage. There was a total of 15 of us in the group with some elderly people as well. It was a pleasure to work with both of them and they really went far and beyond to cater to our needs and wishes. From pacing the right amount of sightseeing per day, beautiful visits to Chateau Villandry & Chateau Chenonceau. Their choice of accommodation was top notch - booking us the hotel in Avignon that was built on the remains of a Jesuit noviciate and a former Court House in Loches. They were so helpful in late minute changes to visit the Caritatis vineyards and also managed to squeeze in some shopping time on our last day, just before the airport! The restaurant bookings and Loire Valley river dinner cruise were little wholesome touches of French hospitality through their region home grown produced and cooking. And lastly, our lovely driver for 6 days, Malik! A total gem and made our long road trip enjoyable, smooth and safe! Not a single guest suffered from motion sickness although we have 3 that were prone to it! Overall, it was a real pleasure to deal with Luxury France Tours and we will be using them again for our 2024 trip! Thank you Debbie, Sonia and Malik! Special thanks to our love guides, Sylvia, Nicolas & Valentine

Day 13: Normandy D-Day Beaches Day Trip

Normandy D-Day Cemetery Omaha Beach, France

Embark on a poignant journey back in time with a day trip from Paris to the historic beaches of Normandy, where the D-Day landings shaped the course of World War II.

Normandy D-Day Beaches

Depart Paris in the morning for a guided excursion to Normandy. Visit critical sites of the Allied invasion, including Omaha Beach, where your guide will recount the harrowing tales of bravery and strategy.

Pay your respects at the American Cemetery and explore the battle-scarred landscapes of Pointe du Hoc, gaining a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices made for freedom.

You will return to Paris in the evening with your private driver.

Day 14: Final Day in Paris

Paris Skyline, Luxury France Tours
Paris, France

Conclude your French adventure by immersing yourself in Paris’s iconic sights and sounds, from the artistic enclave of Montmartre to the grandeur of its most famous boulevard.

Montmartre and Sacré-Cœur

Begin your day in the bohemian streets of Montmartre, where artists and poets have long found inspiration.

Visit the white-domed Sacré-Cœur Basilica with your guide, enjoying panoramic views of the city and learning about the area’s vibrant art scene.

Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées

Experience the thrill of priority access to the Eiffel Tower, ascending to its viewing platforms for breathtaking city vistas.

Later, stroll the Champs-Élysées with your guide, from the grand Arc de Triomphe down the avenue’s luxurious boutiques and theaters.

Farewell Parisian Dinner

Mark the end of your journey with a celebratory farewell dinner at a renowned Parisian restaurant.

Reflect on the memorable moments and cultural treasures you’ve encountered over the past two weeks, concluding your tour on a note of French culinary excellence.

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