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The second-largest city in France and also its oldest, Marseille is brimming with gorgeous coastlines, fascinating museums and galleries, and thousands of years of history that has created a rich cultural melting pot. Join your private guide to discover an authentic taste of life in this bustling port city.

Our guided tours of Marseilles’ most famous landmarks are just the tip of the iceberg of what we can reveal to you on your private tour. We like to get amongst the people and tell the stories of what gives Marseille its unique cultural flavor as we stroll through the city’s alleys, churches, museums, cafes, and distinctive culturally diverse neighborhoods.

Our tours are completely customizable and tailored to your exact requirements so simply get in touch letting us know how long you would like to spend on tour, whether its a couple of hours or a couple of days, and our tour advisor will begin crafting a unique custom tour itinerary to make the most of your time in the city.

What makes our private tours of Marseille so special?

Marseille is a truly enchanting and enthralling city, and to visit the city with a private guide is the ideal way to truly understand what makes it so vibrant and flourishing and how the millennia of history have helped shape its modern character.

Our local, qualified, and impeccable English-speaking guides have been selected for their unmatched experience, vast and insightful local knowledge, and their storytelling ability. Having spent the last 20 years displaying the charms of Marseille to our guests from all around the world we can assure you that you will leave your guided tour feeling a closeness and a connection to the city that simply would not be possible without an expert guide.

Moreover, our tours are totally customizable to make sure you get to experience and discover more of the things that you are passionate or curious about. If you are unsure of the best way to explore the city then your tour advisor will draft up a custom itinerary at no extra cost that can combine elements of:

Sites to see in Marseille with your private guide

Marseille was founded all the way back in 600 BC by ancient Greek sailors, and over the course of the following centuries, it has developed a Mediterranean culture quite distinct from the rest of France.

This is perhaps most pronounced in the city’s old town, a picturesque neighborhood just a short walk from the Vieux Port which we would describe as an essential visit for anyone seeking to understand the city and its heritage on your private tour. 

Amongst the most famous landmarks is the spectacular Notre Dame de la Garde Cathedral sitting iconically atop a hill overlooking the city and staring out to the sea. Read more about the Cathedral below and find out about the other must-see locations to include in your private tour.

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Having developed into a Francophile on a trip to the French Alps many years ago while still in school, I moved to France after a career traveling the world led to me meeting my (now) French Husband in Johannesburg. I created Luxury France Tours as a way of sharing my love of France & igniting this passion in others.

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Tour Itineraries To Inspire Your Trip

Boulevard Longchamp

Spend the day exploring the wonderful monument of Palais Longchamp and its beautiful gardens.

With a history dating back to 1839 (with the first foundation stone laid by the Duke of Orleans himself), the structure became known as the Château d’eau (Water Castle) because of its elaborate fountain centerpiece.

Today, Palais Longchamp is known best for its stunning surroundings and architecture as well as its fascinating museums: Musée des Beaux-Arts in the east wing, and Museum d’Histoire Naturelle in the west wing.

Certainly worth a visit if you’re in Marseille; including Palais Longchamp in your private itinerary by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde

Without doubt the city’s best-known building or symbol, the construction of Notre Dame de la Grade (Our Lady of the Guard in English) started back in 1852 using limestone from the nearby Old Port.

Notre Dame de la Grade is a stunning structure in of itself, featuring exquisite mosaics, grand statues as well as an old Crypt, but almost as impressive is the panoramic views from outside the church of Marseille and the Mediterranean.

Certainly an experience we’d recommend including in your Marseille itinerary, get in touch with our team today to start planning your private tour.

Old Port

Initially set up as a trading post by Greek Settlers on a natural Mediterranean cove back in 600 BC, the Old Port of Marseille is a natural harbour that has shaped the city, its people and its historical importance.

If you’re touring around Marseille it’s difficult to avoid paying a visit to the Old Port, perfectly situated at the end of the Canebière (Marseille’s Main Street), but we’d recommend timing your day to watch the sunset over the city where you’ll see St. Victor’s Abbey, Phare de Sainte Marie, Hotel de Ville & and Roman Dock Museum light up the city beautifully.

Include a trip to Marseille and its historically old port by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Château d'If tour

Take a tour of the famous Château d’If, a medieval fortress and later prison on the island of If, the smallest island off the coast of the bay of Marseille.

Built back in 1524, the rocky island fortress rose to fame following its inclusion in Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo as the location of the prison of Edmond Dantes.

The castle is incredibly well-preserved and has a fascinating history as well as stunning views of the city and coastline.

A terrific way to spend a day or even an afternoon if you’re lacking time, book your tour of Château d’If by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Calanques National Park Trip

An absolute must-do if you are in Marseille or the nearby area, Parc National des Calanques is a huge natural park littered with stunning narrow inlets, spectacular cliffs, and an amazing coastline.

Extending over 201 sq miles, Calanques National Park hosts many popular natural sites such as de Sormiou, de Morgioi, de Port-Miou, Cosquer Cave, and de Sugiton.

With so much land to navigate, you can either spend the day with your expert guide to find out more about the Park and tick off some of its main sites, or if you’d prefer you might want a day away and a romantic boat trip to discover the coast independently.

Either way, we can’t recommend a visit to Calanques National Park enough; include it in your private tour of France today by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.