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3 Weeks French Tour Description

Day 1: Paris - Eiffel Tower & Attractions

Eiffel Tower, Paris. View from river seine.
Eiffel Tower, Paris

On arrival in Paris, your private chauffeur will pick you up in his luxurious Mercedes and take you and your luggage to your Paris hotel. Once you have settled in your chauffeur will be waiting for you in reception ready to start your 3-week tour of France.

The first stop is the Eiffel Tower, understandably the world’s most visited paid tourist attraction. Your pre-purchased tickets allow you access to all levels of the Tower where you can see unrivaled views across Paris and the neighboring cities.

The Tower comprises 8,038 metallic parts, an impressive 2,500.00 rivets, 7,300 tonnes of metal, and 60 tonnes of paint and took over 2 years to complete. Following the Tower visit, your guide will take you for lunch at a typical Parisian brasserie away from the tourists so you can experience Paris as a local.

In the afternoon we will visit the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees and a visit to the Ile de la cite where you can explore the famous Sainte Chapelle.

At the end of the afternoon, your chauffeur will take you back to your hotel where you can enjoy dinner at a famous Michelin eatery.

Day 2: Paris - Louvre & Musee de L'Orangerie

Louvre, Paris

Your tour starts today with a visit to the Louvre, home to some of the World’s most precious artworks, in particular, the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. 

This stunning building is also home to over 35,000 works of art. Not only is the Louvre the most visited museum in the world it is also the biggest museum with galleries spreading over 15 acres! In fact, if you were to spend 30 seconds looking at each piece of art housed in the museum it would take over 100 days and so your guide will work with you to ensure you see all the artwork on your bucket list.

Next visit the Orangerie museum, home of Monet’s incredible Water Lilies, which is a permanent exhibition as well as art from Cezanne, Modigliani, and Picasso to name a few of the famous artists displayed at this museum. The museum is located in the Tuileries garden close to the Louvre where you can enjoy a stroll along the banks of the Seine after your private tour.

Day 3: Normandy Beaches

Normandy D-Day Cemetery

Today you will be taken on a private tour of the D Day landing beaches to see where this historic battle was fought and then visit the American National Cemetery where you can pay your respects to the thousands of US servicemen and women who lost their lives for the sake of our freedom. 

Visit Sainte Mere Eglise and see where the first paratroopers arrived to liberate the town – today there is a monument of a paratrooper hanging in the back of the main town church to commemorate this historic event. In the afternoon we will have a tour of the airborne museum which is dedicated to the 82nd American Airborne Division before heading back to Paris.

Day 4: Chantilly

Tour guide and guests at Chantily Castle in France
Chantilly Castle, France

Your chauffeur will be waiting for you to take you to spend the day in Chantilly, famous for lace, its castle, and cream! 

The chateau of Chantilly is a picture postcard perfect with a fairy tale castle set in its own moat (lakes) surrounded by acres of formal gardens. The chateau has a very chequered history, both throughout Mediaeval times and later during the revolution when it was looted and eventually repossessed by an English private bank until the mid-1870s when Henri d’Orleans restored the chateau to its original glory. 

This beautiful chateau was also the setting for much of the James Bond ‘A View to A Kill’ film as well as the setting for many periods of French dramas.

Inside the chateau is the Condé Museum, which after the Louvre is the most impressive art gallery in France with over 1,000 paintings, 2,500 drawings, and 2,500 engravings exhibited.

There is also a unique collection of rare and precious books which can be found in the chateau’s magnificent library – at last count, there are over 30,000 rare books here. One of the most valuable medieval manuscripts in Europe is housed here: The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry (the original is not on display however there is a copy behind a glass display cabinet to see).

Your tour will also take in the Gallery Psyche, this gallery of stained glass panels depicts a 2nd Century love story about Psyche, a princess more beautiful than Aphrodite and Cupid as well as the Great Apartments and Prince’s bedroom which has panels dating back to  1720. 

Take a look at the Grande Singerie – a unique room decorated with murals depicting monkeys in various scenes. Following your tour inside the chateau lunch at the restaurant situated in the Anglo-Chinese gardens, complete with authentic English thatched cottages (think Anne Hathaway’s cottage in Stratford upon Avon!) before a private tour of the formal gardens of the chateau.

The most unusual feature of the gardens is the large amount of water features: instead of a moat the castle has lakes to the front and the rear and the gardens themselves also incorporate large pond areas in the English-style garden. 

We end our trip to Chantilly with a visit to the Great Stables. This magnificent stable building could easily be mistaken for a chateau or an equally important building given its grandeur and scale of the building.  Built by Jean Aubery for the 7th Prince of Conde in 1719 (although construction was not completed until 1735) and is now home to the museum of the Horse which charts man’s relationship with horses since the start of civilization.

After a busy day exploring Chantilly, relax in the back of your air-conditioned vehicle and let your chauffeur take you back to your hotel in Paris.

Day 5: Versailles

Versailles palace private tour
Versailles, France

Escape the bustle of Paris today and head out to Versailles, the most opulent of all French Chateaux where your private guide will accompany you on your visit to the Chateau, its gardens, and finally a stop in Versailles town center.

This magnificent chateau was created by Louis XIV as a demonstration of not only his personal wealth and power but to show the world French architecture and opulence. 

Probably the most famous room in the chateaux is the Galeries des Glaces (hall of mirrors), comprising over 350 specially constructed mirrors that line the impressive room. Every part of the chateau was constructed, using only French materials and workmen who worked day and night to create this architectural masterpiece.

Following your tour of the chateaux, you will then take a private garden tour to explore the extravagant grounds surrounding Versailles The gardens took over 40 years to complete and comprise 50 elaborate fountains decorated with sculptures of gilded lead or metal portraying characters from Greco-Roman mythology.

Spend the afternoon visiting the famous indoor and outdoor food markets situated in the heart of Versailles where you can sample artisanal French produce from around the country – from Jambon de Bayonne to truffle-infused Roquefort to hand-made chocolate from the finest Parisian chocolatiers this market has it all!

Our guide, Yannick, was fantastic!! I have never had a guide that was so genuinely passionate about the subject as Yannick was talking about D-Day. Luxury France Tours did a great job customizing to our needs rather than trying to get us to fit into its plan. They even covered the little things. We had a party of 7 and transfers where the two back rows of seats faced each other and everyone was super cramped. Luxury France Tours had the seats facing in the same direction (without being asked), and it made the whole experience much more comfortable for everyone. I would use them again.

Day 6: Burgundy - Chablis

Church of Saint-Claire de Préhy in the Chablis vineyard in Burgundy.
Chablis Vineyard, Burgundy

This morning your driver will be waiting for you in reception ready to start your 3 days of touring in Burgundy, located in the east-central part of France, and home to some of the world’s best-known wines. 

This wine region has 5 key growing areas: Chablis, Côte de Beaune, Côte Chalonnaise, Côte des Nuits and Macconais and has been a wine-producing region since 854 when local monks first arrived in the region.

Famous for lean, unoaked Chardonnay, Chablis is the growing region located furthest north and is geographically set apart from the rest of Burgundy. The dominant soil here is called “Kimmeridgian” limestone, just like in Champagne. Its white, chalky texture is great at retaining and reflecting the warmth of the sun, sorely needed this far north, which also helps the grapes ripen.

Today we visit a Grand Cru winery where you will have a tour of the vines with the vigneron (vintner) before returning to the winery for a private cellar tour followed by tastings and formal lunch.

In the afternoon explore the pretty town of Chablis with beautiful Mediaeval half-timbered houses and charming wine shops and restaurants.

Day 7: Burgundy - Dijon

Eglise Notre Dame Cathedral private tour
Notre Dame Dijon

This morning your driver guide takes you to the historic capital city of Burgundy – Dijon, home of the renowned French mustard and also the birthplace of the creator of the most famous monument in the world – Gustave Eiffel. 

It is also the city where the famous cocktail Kir and Kir Royale were invented by the then mayor of Dijon, Canon Felix Kir.

Dijon is also famous for having the most original buildings over 300 years old or more across the whole of France and on today’s tour you will see amazing architectural buildings from Mediaeval to Renaissance to Art Deco and Art nouveau all in the same city. 

In the Middle Ages, the Dukes of Burgundy were almost as important as the Kings of France and were almost an independent state within France. The city center of Dijon is classified as a UNESCO world heritage site and we start our tour here at the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy which now houses a museum charting the development of Burgundy as well as a museum of fine art, considered one of the finest in France outside Paris, which has an impressive collection of art from the Middle Ages through to the late 19th Century including works by Titian, De Latour, Delacroix, Monet, Manet, and Sisley.

When you have finished touring this impressive building we head towards Rue de la Verriere, a stunning Mediaeval cobbled street lined with overhanging half-timbered houses. 

Lunch in one of the pretty brasseries located in the city center and sample local delicacies such as coq au vin or Boeuf Bourguignon, all served with the obligatory Dijon mustard.

In the afternoon we head to Notre Dame, a 13th Century Gothic masterpiece in the city center famed for the unusual Western facade which consists of 3 superimposed rows of arches, decorated with over (albeit fake) 50 gargoyles as well as the impressive automated clock that was shipped over from Belgium in the late 1780s, how the automation changed over the years and now depicts 4 figures rather than the single man on the original automation.

In the evening have ‘aperos’ (this is what the French call pre-dinner drinks) and learn the story about how Kir originated here.

Day 8: Burgundy - Beaune

Wine tour in the Village of Meursault, Burgundy.
Meursault Village, France

No visit to Burgundy would be complete without tasting the wine this region is so famous for.

Today we start with a drive to Meursault, mainly renowned for its white wines but it also produces reds. The grape variety for whites is Chardonnay, while the reds are produced from Pinot Noir. This tiny appellation is a 2 KM square and produces undoubtedly some of the world’s best wine. 

We start the day with a private tasting and a tour of the chateau where this wine is named after. This is unusual for the region, unlike in Bordeaux, there are much fewer wine châteaux. Our visit today includes a private tour of the castle and grounds with the head sommelier who will teach us why this tiny region of France is home to such a vast array of special wines. 

Your tastings will include wines featured at 3* Michelin restaurants and your sommelier can arrange a shipment of bottles so that you can savor the delicious Meursault when you get home.

In the afternoon we head to Beaune and visit a local winery based in the town. Your tour will include at least 6 tastings of local award-winning Burgundy wines.

Day 9: Lyon

Guided tour in Lyon Town Square in France.
Lyon, France

Lyon is France’s 3rd city and has been an important city across the ages from Roman times through to today. During World War II Lyon was the command center for the South of France as well as home to the Gestapo. Ironically Lyon was also a stronghold for the Resistance during this period with many of the freedom fighters using the city’s secret underground tunnels to move about.

Spend the afternoon in the Vieux Ville and explore the magnificent cathedral that has both Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The cathedral of Saint Jean took almost 300 years to complete and is famous for its amazing lamb rose stained glass windows created in the 12th Century. Enter through the huge oak doors and marvel at the incredible 16th Century astrological clock which features the automation of animals and people. 

Your guide will take you on a private tour of this wonderful building before visiting the archaeological gardens adjacent that contains remnants of a 4th-century church that was originally built on this site.

Finish the day in one of the bustling bars in the piazza and watch the world go round.

Day 10: Lyon

Wine Estate near Lyon, Cotes du Rhone, France on 1 week tour itinerary
Wine Estate near Lyon, France

We spend today exploring Lyon and its gastronomic heritage. Since 1935 Lyon has been recognized as the gastronomic capital of the world and today it has over 4000 restaurants, of which 20 have one or more Michelin stars. 

Your tour starts with a private tour of Les Halles des Lyon, a covered market with over 50 artisan farmers and producers. Learn why Lyon is a culinary capital and sample local delicacies paired with wines from the region.

In the afternoon visit, one of the local award-winning wine farms and have a private tour of the estate. Learn from your specialist guide about the wines from the region and what makes this area so perfect for wine growing and enjoy private classes about pairing wine and tasting exquisite vintage wine paired with local cheeses and charcuterie.

In the evening have dinner at one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants and taste the finest Lyon has to offer.

Debbie and Sonia from Luxury France Tours helped us organised a lovely 6 days to Avignon & Tours after our Lourdes pilgrimage. There was a total of 15 of us in the group with some elderly people as well. It was a pleasure to work with both of them and they really went far and beyond to cater to our needs and wishes. From pacing the right amount of sightseeing per day, beautiful visits to Chateau Villandry & Chateau Chenonceau. Their choice of accommodation was top notch - booking us the hotel in Avignon that was built on the remains of a Jesuit noviciate and a former Court House in Loches. They were so helpful in late minute changes to visit the Caritatis vineyards and also managed to squeeze in some shopping time on our last day, just before the airport! The restaurant bookings and Loire Valley river dinner cruise were little wholesome touches of French hospitality through their region home grown produced and cooking. And lastly, our lovely driver for 6 days, Malik! A total gem and made our long road trip enjoyable, smooth and safe! Not a single guest suffered from motion sickness although we have 3 that were prone to it! Overall, it was a real pleasure to deal with Luxury France Tours and we will be using them again for our 2024 trip! Thank you Debbie, Sonia and Malik! Special thanks to our love guides, Sylvia, Nicolas & Valentine

Day 11: Lyon - Geneva - Lyon

Visit Geneva on your 21 day tour of France.
Geneva, Switzerland

Relax in the back of your luxury car and drive east towards the beautiful city of Geneva, which is built on the south of the incredible Lac Leman (Lake Geneva)  and surrounded by the Jura Mountains and  Alps.  

It is the largest city in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and was the center of the Reformation in the 16th Century led by Jean Cauvin (John Calvin) and was known as the ‘ Protestant Rome.’It was not until the end of the Napoleonic wars that Geneva was made part of Switzerland and since then this city has flourished and is now a global financial banking hub as well as the global center for international diplomacy, with the UN having its headquarters here. 

As if these were not enough reasons to visit, Geneva is also globally famed for precision watchmaking as well as being the home of fine chocolate (although my Belgian and French colleagues would beg to differ here!). 

Our tour today will take you through the old town where you can spend time browsing the artisan chocolatiers and admire the beautiful architecture and stop to look down at the town from the Treille Promenade.

This is the world’s longest wooden bench and runs from one end of the promenade to the other – just over 410 feet! Our tour will also take in the famous Jet d’Eau, an iconic landmark in the city with 130 gallons of water being forced into the air to a height of 450 feet and can be seen even when flying over the city at an altitude of 30,000 feet. 

In the afternoon we have a tour of an award-winning chocolatier and have a chocolate workshop and learn how to temper chocolate and make a ganache. Your class will also include chocolate tasting and as with everything Gallic, we also have a wine pairing to show what wines work best with each chocolate type.

We end the day with a drive around the city taking in the UN building and the poignant  Broken Chair sculpture – this 40-foot high sculpture was installed to commemorate the Ottawa Treaty.

Day 12: Lyon - Chamonix & Annecy - Lyon

Church of Saint Francis of Sales in Annecy France
Annecy, France

Today we head into the alps and to the home of the highest mountain in Europe west of Russia, namely Mont Blanc. 

Chamonix is primarily known as a winter ski resort, in fact, the first Olympic Winter games were held here in 1924. Things have changed over the decades and even in summer, Chamonix is a thriving busy town. 

We head first to the famous Aiguilles des Midi, one of the world’s highest (and steepest) cable cars which only takes 20 minutes to reach its destination which is 3,842 m high. Step out of the cable car and take in the most spectacular views of the Alps and of course Mont Blanc For those of you more adventurous you can step onto a viewing platform which is essentially a glass box suspended over the mountain face.

Lunch in one of the pretty restaurants in the town square and sample local delicacies such as raclette or tartiflette and try a glass of local Savoi wine.

On the way back to Lyon we stop in Annecy, one of the most beautiful towns in the whole of France nestled on the shores of Lake Annecy surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The old town is picture perfect, cobbled narrow streets and brightly colored houses line the canals of this pretty town. Your guide will then lead you through the old town lined with art galleries, artisanal craft shops, and local delicatessens. 

Your evening starts when we arrive back in Lyon and your chauffeur takes you for your elegant private dinner cruise on the Rhone.

Day 13: Provence - Menton

Beachfront and cascading houses of Menton on the French Riveira.
Menton, France

Menton, known as the Pearl of France is located on the border with the Italian riviera and  Monaco, home to the rich (or rather very rich) and famous. 

Menton is the starting point for our tour of the area known as Provence and the gateway to the exclusive French Riviera. As with many frontier towns, Menton was only officially made part of France in 1861 when Napoleon bought it from the Grimaldi family, it has also been occupied by both Italy and Germany and was liberated after WWII by Canadian and American troops as part of the First Special Service Force on 8 September 1944.

Menton’s famous climate – it has an impressive 316 days of sunshine every year making it perfect for citrus growing and every February there is a lemon festival – think Mardi Gras with citrus fruits!

At the famous indoor market, We start the day in the old town which is a mix of pastel-colored houses, interspersed with grand villas and refined baroque buildings and narrow cobbled streets and pavements leading to the Basilica Saint Michel Archange, an impressive 17th Century cathedral that had a Baroque makeover on the early 19th Century. 

Lunch in one of the harbor restaurants, and make sure to try local specialties such as pichade and tarte au citron de Menton.

After lunch,  we will have a private tour of the Cocteau Museum, which features over 1000 of his works. Cocteau was made an honorary citizen of Menton and worked with the then mayor to design the museum which he worked on until his death in 1966. 

In the evening dine at one of the elegant fine dining spots by the seafront.

Day 14: Monaco

Entrance of the Prince's Palace (Palais du Prince) in Monaco.
Palais du Prince, Monaco

Our next stop is the glamourous principality of Monaco, the world’s 2nd smallest country, only the Vatican is smaller.

When people think of Monaco it is usually Monte Carlo, the casino, and expensive mega yachts. In fact, there is so much more to see in Monaco.

Today we head off to the Palais du Prince for a private tour of the Prince’s castle (NB the tour is not available if the Prince is in residence). The Palace overlooks Monaco below and has stunning views across the Mediterranean. It was originally constructed as a Genoese fortress but is now home to the Prince and his family. Your private tour will include a look at the Throne room, the private chapel, and the famous Blue room, known for its opulent gold and blue decor.

Following your tour of the Palace, we will then visit the famous Princess Grace Rose gardens, created by Prince Rainier III to honor the memory of his wife, Princess Grace.

This amazing rose garden has over 300 varieties of roses and a total of over 8,000 rose bushes adorn this English Style garden dedicated to the late Grace Kelly.

Next, we head over to the Musee Oceanographique, situated nearly 100 meters above sea level. This giant structure took over 11 years to build the foundations to ensure the building would be secure. Opened in 1910, it is one of the world’s oldest aquariums and it now comprises a Mediterranean aquarium, a Tropical aquarium, and a shark lagoon and has over 6000 marine life creatures and over 100 different pools.

We end the day in Monte Carlo and a trip to probably the most famous casino in the world., Inside admire the enormous crystal chandeliers, the original priceless artworks that adorn the walls, and the majestic Onyx columns that welcome you to the gaming rooms. Said to be the inspiration behind the James Bond film Casino Royale, maybe try your luck at one of the tables or just people-watch at this most iconic casino.  

Debbie, I can’t thank you enough for your guidance on our tour of Paris. The chauffeur/guide (Aymen) was such a wonderful person and his driving skills were exemplary. Your recommendation to have lunch at Bouillon Racine was spot on. I really appreciated your absolute promptness in the servicing of our tour requests. Every aspect of your business is top notch; starting with your seamless Web page

Day 15: Nice

Nice, France, Tours
Nice, France

Nice was originally named after the Greek Goddess Nike and so was possibly the original Nike Town! Nice was an Italian city until relatively recently (1860) when the Italians gave the City to France as recognition of French support in helping the Italians against the Austrians. The strong Italian influence can be seen throughout the city and many of the locals speak both French and Italian. 

It is not just French and Italian influences that can be seen in this city. At noon every day, a cannon is fired across the city. This tradition was in fact started by an Englishman in 1860. 

Sir Thomas used to get very frustrated that his wife could not serve the midday meal at noon and so he requested the mayor that a cannon be fired every day at noon and he would cover this cost. When Sir Thomas moved back to the UK the locals, having been so used to managing their time with the aid of the midday cannon that they petitioned for the cannon shot to continue at noon. To this day a cannon is fired every day at noon in Nice!

We start the tour in the old town, which is a myriad of winding narrow streets leading to gilded shaded squares with little bistros and cafes.

Your private tour will also include a visit to the magnificent Opera house and the Town Hall and Rosetti Square, home to Nice Cathedral. The Cathedral is unlike many French Cathedrals rather modest from the outside, but once inside admire the lavish Baroque designs, gilded ornate chapels, sculptures, and paintings, all with a distinctly Italian feel.

Stop for lunch in the famous flower and produce market which is also in the old town.

The afternoon begins with a private tour of the Musee Marc Chagall. Chagall’s influence was not just limited to the paintings and exhibitions in this building, he also decided how the building should be constructed based on where he wanted his works to be displayed. Amongst the 17 works from Chagall the exhibition also houses the famous Resistance, Resurrection, Liberation triptych, painted before, during, and after the Second World War.
End the day with a walk along the famous Promenade des Anglais – so named after the high society English tourists that visited Nice, including Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill.

Day 16: Cannes

Luxury tour in Cannes
Cannes, France

Known as the Beverly Hills of the Riviera, Cannes is an elegant coastal city located just west of Nice. The stunning beachside city became popular in the early 19th Century when Lord Brougham, an important British statesman who was also Lord Chancellor  discovered the city and really helped make it a resort for the upper classes of British society- there is a huge bronze statue in his memory right in the city center to celebrate the importance of this man(he also was instrumental in banning slavery in the UK) 

Today it is like many other cities along the Med and is home to the rich and famous and not just whilst the festival is on. We start your tour of Cannes with a visit to Le Suquet, the original Roman hillside settlement of Cannes which is filled with pastel-colored houses and cottages and narrow cobbled streets, and stop for refreshments in one of the many hillside cafes that overlook the Bay of Cannes.  

Next, we head to the indoor market, Marche Forville filled with local farmers and artisan food manufacturers. Sample some local organic olives or freshly caught oysters, and for those of you with a sweet tooth, sample handmade elegant chocolate creations or sample locally made macaroons.

Enjoy Lunch in one of the traditional brasseries outside the market.  

In the afternoon head to the Grand Auditorium for a private tour, your driver guide will even take a photograph of you on the famous red-carpeted steps outside the building. Later stroll along the iconic  La Promenade de Croisette, this famous beachside road is lined with the world’s most famous luxury brands and 5 and 6-star luxury hotels with Michelin * restaurants. This promenade runs the whole length of the seafront an incredible 1.6 Km.

This evening dine with the rich and famous at one of the many fine dining restaurants. 

Day 17: Grasse

Aerial view of the city of Grasse on the French Riviera
Grasse, French Riviera

The perfume capital of the world is widely recognized to be Grasse, a beautiful town nestled in the hills above Cannes. Over 2/3 of France’s perfume is manufactured here in Grasse.

We start with a perfume workshop where you will be taught the basics of perfume making by a ‘nez’ as well as create your own perfume. We then visit the incredible Musée International de la Parfumerie which charts the development of the industry and its importance in the French industry and has a stunning selection of antique crystal perfume bottles.

Our next stop is to the 12th Century cathedral which is in the old town. Although from the outside the building seems quite plain once inside the opulence is quite incredible and includes 3 paintings from Rubens, the famous Belgian artist.

Lunch in one of the many pretty bistros – most of the squares in the town has an abundance of great bars and restaurants.

In the afternoon we visit one of the local award-winning olive oil farms and have a private tour of the estate and learn why the climate in Grasse is perfect for producing great olive oil. Your tour will also include tastings of local bread and charcuterie. 

Day 18: Toulon

Cable Car Ride Mont Faron, Marseilles
Mont Faron, Toulon

We start the day with a cable car ride up to the top of Mont Faron, a 584 M mountain overlooking the city and port of Toulon. From the summit the views are spectacular and on a clear day, you can just see Corsica in the distance. Your tour continues with a private tour of the Musee du Debarquement, a museum that commemorates the allied invasion of Provence in 1944.

In the afternoon explore the wonderful port, home to a large French Naval base as well as local fishermen and sailors. Lunch in one of the many fashionable restaurants along the harbor.

Provence is the oldest wine-making region in France and specializes in making rose wine and consensus amongst wine lovers is that the best rose in the world is from Provence.

This evening you will have a  private tour of a local award-winning wine estate where you can learn about how this delicious wine is produced as well as taste various different vintages.

Day 19: Marseilles

Marseille mountain on tour of marseille.
Marseilles, France

Marseilles’ position as a key strategic port goes back to 600 BC when the Greeks first created the port and are steeped in history – even the French National anthem: le Marseilles is based on Marseilles. 

Our tour starts at the Basilica Notre – Dame de la Garde which was built by King Francois I to protect the city and is the highest building in Marseilles standing at an impressive 490 feet above sea level. On top of the Basilica is a statue of the Virgin Mary which is said to protect the city and its inhabitants. for those of you less mobile there is a train from the Vieux port that goes directly to this amazing Byzantine monument – from there admire the view across the city and across the Mediterranean.

From there it is a short walk to the Vieux port – the real heart of Marseilles. This is where locals and tourists mix – sample some delicious Bouillabaisse (a local specialty) with freshly caught seafood at one of the many fish restaurants dotted about the port.

In the afternoon we have a private tour of the Mucem (Museum of Civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean) which is Marseilles’s newest museum and was opened in 2013 to commemorate Marseilles being recognized as a European City of Culture. 

The museum itself is a contemporary design that is in stark contrast to the historical buildings in the rest of Marseilles and is built on the site of the original Fort of St Jean. There are close to a million exhibits on display that show how civilizations in the Mediterranean and North Africa have developed over the past centuries.

Absolutely delighted with the tour arranged by Luxury France Tours. The guide was marvellous so knowledgeable and ensured everyone had a wonderful time. Changed the itinerary to suit what we needed. I highly recommend this company to anyone planning a trip to France, five stars all round!

Day 20: Marseilles - Aix-en-Provence

View of Cathedrale Saint Sauveur d'Aix facade from the outside
Cathedrale Saint Sauveur d'Aix-en-Provence

Today we visit the beautiful and very chic town of Aix-en-Provence, known locally as the 21st arrondissement due to its magnificent architecture, wide leafy boulevards, and fashionable artisan shops and art galleries. Also called the ‘la Ville aux mille Fontaines’ which translated means the city of a thousand fountains. When the fountains were constructed, running water was seen as a sign of wealth and so this was an open sign of prosperity in the city.

We start at the Musee Granet, a real museum found outside of Paris. With over 12,00 artworks including a neoclassical sculpture collection, a pop art expo, and of course pieces from possibly the most famous artist who lived here, Paul Cezanne. For those lovers of Cezanne, we can also take a tour of his actual workshop where he created the vast majority of his art, largely untouched over the years; it provides an intimate look into how Cezanne worked.

Next, we head off to le Cours Mirabeau, a charming boulevard lined with tall Plane trees and the perfect spot for lunch in one of the many cafes and restaurants. After lunch, have a stroll around the local market.  

We end our day in Aix-en-Provence with a private tour of the Cathedrale Saint Sauveur d’Aix-en-Provence, an imposing building that began construction in the 12th Century. 

The cathedral has been subject to many alterations and modifications to its construction and the building were only completed in the 19th Century. The architectural style is a combination of Baroque, Gothic, and Romanesque. The imposing walnut doors mark the main entrance, and each side of the doors is flanked by 3 beautiful carved apostles – sculptures of the additional apostles are located inside along with many sculptures and paintings that have been curated over the centuries.

Day 21: Transfer Day

Your chauffeur will be waiting for you in your hotel reception ready to take you and all your luggage onwards to your next destination. 

Relax in the luxurious surroundings in the cool air-conditioned interior and let your chauffeur take you in style and comfort to your next holiday adventure.

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We believe that the above is the perfect French itinerary if you have never been to France before. Your driver guide will take you to many of our most beautiful towns and villages and many iconic sights are included. 

However, if you have been to France before or would be interested in getting our tour planning specialists to design a tailored tour itinerary for you, then we would be happy to do so at no extra cost. 

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Salut from France! I’m Debbie, founder of Luxury France Tours.

Having developed into a Francophile on a trip to the French Alps many years ago while still in school, I moved to France after a career traveling the world led to me meeting my (now) French Husband in Johannesburg. I created Luxury France Tours as a way of sharing my love of France & igniting this passion in others.

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