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Burgundy is a wine lover’s paradise, with the Côte de Beaune region and villages such as Nuits-St-Georges internationally known as being home to the vineyards that produce some of the finest wines known to man.

Naturally, our qualified local guides are experts on Burgundy and its wines, and we would love to help you plan your tour across the most gorgeous estates & enjoy tasting events in the premier wineries. However, burgundy has more strings to its bow than just its reputation for fine wine. We can also include other delights in your itinerary such as its gorgeous Renaissance architecture and medieval villages and abbeys, all set amid some truly outstanding nature and scenery.

Simply send us an online inquiry letting us know how long you plan to spend in the region, and whether it is a couple of hours, a few days, or even longer, we will consult with you to create a totally custom and complimentary no-obligation itinerary for your time here.

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When you submit an online inquiry your personal tour planner will begin crafting the perfect itinerary to satisfy your thirst for all things wine-related!

From visiting the most famous vineyards, to tasting sessions at world-renowned wineries or even a winemaking workshop with a local family producer, we can arrange it all for you before you even meet with our private guide for the region.

If your appetite for wine has been sated then your guide would love to take you on a private tour of the city as you visit the Palace of the Dukes, the Cathedral of Saint Benigne, and go inside the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site the Abbaye de Vezelay to name just a few unforgettable experiences you may choose to explore with your guide.

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What makes our Burgundy tours the premier choice?

Burgundy is unlike any other wine region or winery you may have visited before. Quite simply the best producers do not have to rely on tourism as they can guarantee they will sell every last drop. That’s why if you come across areas inviting tourists in for a tasting session, the likelihood is that they are unlikely to be among the most interesting in the area.

It is for this reason that the services of a reputable and experienced private guide are so crucial. Having been providing luxury private tour experiences in the area for 20 years, we know and have relationships with the finest and most fascinating wineries and producers.

So whether you desire to sample the finest wines available and spend time with the producers themselves, wish to explore the medieval streets and striking architecture and monuments, or a combination of both, our fully qualified and experienced private guides will ensure you will have a magical experience in this fairytale land.

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Multi-Day Private Tour Itineraries To Inspire Your Trip

Hôtel-Dieu Museum (Beaune)

Initially founded as a hospital for the poor back in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin, Chancellor of the Duke of Burgundy, Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune now stands as one of the finest and best-preserved examples of 15th-century Burgundian architecture. Its unique facade was crafted by a vast range of incredibly talented Flemish and French painters, masons, and glass cutters and today are appreciated by visitors from across the world.

One of our favorite highlights of the building is the ‘Room of the Poor’, a gigantic room built initially to house sickly patients. While the purpose and name may make the room seem an odd tourist attraction, it’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful wards ever to be created; with special attention paid to the ceiling in the form of sculptures and caricatures of the people of Burgundy at the time for the patients viewing pleasure as they lay recovering.

Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy

The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy is an incredibly well-preserved architectural wonder in the heart of Dijon, the capital of Burgundy.

The palace is now the city’s town hall and Museum of Fine Arts, with grand halls and the tombs of the Dukes of Burgundy still in place, a visit to this wonderful structure is a fascinating way to spend an afternoon. Bask in the rich and lavish history of Burgundy on your private tour by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below and start planning your vacation today! ​

Côte de Nuits Wine Tours

Famous vineyards of the Burgundy region seated between Dijon and Beaune, Côte de Nuits offers visitors an incredible opportunity to meet the local winemakers and taste their renowned wines at the source.

Hosting numerous famous wineries and a variety of appellations such as Gevrey Chambertin, Morey Saint-Denis, Chambolle Musigny, Nuits Saint Georges, Marsannay, Vouget, and Fixin; the Côte de Nuits region produces some of the most expensive wines in the world and is an absolute must for any wine enthusiast. Due to the high demand we recommend booking your tour in advance to make sure you can experience some of the more popular wineries during your trip – start planning now.

Côte de Beaune Wine Tours

A trip to Burgundy wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Côte de Beaune, a beautiful limestone ridge, that is home to some of the great wine names of France. Renowned worldwide for its great whites like Corton-Charlemagne, Meursault, and Montrachet, Côte de Beaune is filled from north to south with beautifully unique vineyards. This incredible region offers a variety of different wine tours, allowing you to select where you’d like to visit depending on your taste.

Find out more about this fascinating region and experience some of its full-bodied wines in person with one of our private tours.

To start planning your tailor-made tour today just click ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Cluny Abbey

Constructed in the romanesque architectural style from the 4th to early 12th centuries, the earliest basilica at Cluny Abbey used to boast the title of the largest church in the world before St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome began construction. Cluny was acknowledged as a leader of western monasticism due to its strict adherence to the rule of St. Benedict and did so until 1790, during the French Revolution, when the Abbey was largely destroyed. Today only one of the original eight towers is still standing, but the history that lives in its walls appears vivid to many a visitor as they tour the grounds and remains, fascinated with a glimpse into a different time.

Include Cluny Abbey in your private tour itinerary by clicking ‘Create My Custom Tour’ below.

Tour of Dijon

When in Burgundy, it’s easy to find yourself far from the hustle and bustle of a European city skyline, investigating small villages and vineyards without knowing the wonders in the region’s historic capital: Dijon. Famed for traditional mustard, gastronomic fairs, and unique architecture throughout, Dijon is an incredible city that offers visitors a truly unique insight into the history of the Burgundy region.

The city’s main attractions include the Musée des Beaux-Arts (one of France’s most outstanding museums), Les Halles (a 19th-century covered fresh food market), Église Notre Dame as well as many gastronomic experiences at local restaurants and eateries.