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Our Corsica 4-day itinerary begins with your flight touching down at Ajaccio airport on the west coast of the island.

From there, our tour planning specialists seamlessly take care of every detail as you proceed to discover the best of the Mediterranean Island of Corsica with your private guide.

What is included:

Day 1: Transfer to Ajaccio, Corsica

Driver Guided tour of Corsica Island
Corsica Island, France

The island of Corsica is also known as the Island of Beauty – and no surprise why. Corsica boasts dramatic craggy coastlines, sparkling turquoise waters, and charming stone villages nestled amongst the mountains. 

The Ancient Greeks also had a name for Corsica  – Kalliste which means ” the most beautiful”  Corsica remains one of the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets.

There is over 1000Km of coastline making Corsica the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean (after Sicily, Sardinia, and Cyprus) This beautiful Mediterranean island however hides a violent history and the island has been part of both Italy and Spain, and now France.

The most famous inhabitant of Corsica was Napoleon Bonaparte who was born and raised in Ajaccio and throughout every part of this city, you will see the homage to this famous French hero. 

Your chauffeur will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall and then assist you with your luggage before taking you to your hotel.

Afternoon: Napoleon’s Corsica

Explore the Cathedral in Napoleons hometown of Ajaccio with your private guide.
Ajaccio Cathedral, France

In the afternoon your guide will meet you at your hotel and take you to the golden yellow cathedral where Bonaparte was christened. This cathedral had a special place in Napoleon’s heart and on his deathbed said: 

If they forbid my corpse, as they have forbidden my body, deny me a small piece of land in which to be buried, I wish to be buried with my ancestors in Ajaccio cathedral in Corsica”  

These words are now engraved onto a red marble plaque at the entrance to the cathedral.

The cathedral is an imposing building with 7 chapels and a large domed tower built in the Mannerist style, typical of Italian architecture at the time.

Our next stop is to visit the house that was the original Bonaparte family home. The house is now a museum containing family portraits, original antique furniture, tapestries, and fine art that were part of the family’s everyday life.

End the afternoon in one of the delightful shaded squares in the old town with an apero.

We had a fantastic time. Our guides in Bordeau were exceptional. The drivers you provided us were professional and on time! Tailoring our itinerary with your input/recommendations was so helpful. Your execution and communication through the process is so rare in the tourism industry. We will definitely coordinate our next France trip through you and recommend you to our friends. Thanks you so much!

Day 2: Ajaccio - Bay of Ajaccio

Ajaccio on 7 day tour from Paris to Corsica
Ajaccio, France

This morning we head to the port for your private luxury boat tour. Discover hidden bays and creeks in around the Bay of Ajaccio, famed for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.

For those seeking a more energetic approach, try paddle boarding or snorkeling, or simply relax in the beautiful Corsican sunshine. 

In the afternoon we head out of Ajaccio to one of the award-winning wine estates in the area. When people think of French wine, it is probably Chablis or Bordeaux – but over the last 20 years, Corsica is developing a reputation as a great wine producer.

Our tour starts with a lesson in understanding the different varieties of grapes that flourish in the strong Mediterranean sun and how the vines are managed every year. We follow the wine-making process and visit temperature-controlled cellars filled with vast vats of fermenting grapes.  

Your private tour ends with tastings and a lesson on pairing wine with delicious Corsican charcuterie and freshly baked bread. Many of the winemakers in Corsica also produce olive oil and time permitting your host will also include a tour of the olive oil production facility and presses, plus of course the obligatory tastings!

In the evening have a fine dining experience in one of the hilltop restaurants overlooking the bay. 

Day 3: Ajaccio to Sartene & Filitosa

Sartene Village, Corsica

Arguably the prettiest city in Corsica, Sartene is slightly off the beaten track but definitely worth a visit. Sartene was described by the French novelist Prosper Mérimée as: “the most Corsican of Corsican towns.” 

Sartene is situated on a granite outcrop 200-meters above the sea and has spectacular views out to the Mediterranean and southern hills. The city is built on several levels, the oldest part of the city is a complex series of narrow allies, arches, tall half-timbered houses, and arcades which is where we start our private tour.  

We visit the ancient original watchtower built in the 12th Century which has incredible views out to the city below. The imposing granite  Santa Maria church is our next stop with its exquisite marble polychrome altar and three-story belfry and domed tower it dominates the Place de Liberation. 

Stop in one of the typical Corsican bistros and have local delicacies such as aziminu (the Corsican version of Bouillabaisse) or civet de sanglier (wild boar stew) followed by some local Brocciu which is a soft cheese usually made from cow’s milk.

In the afternoon we head to Filitosa, a nearby prehistoric site only discovered in 1946 and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Filitosa dates back over 7000 years and the carvings and art date back 3000 years and is considered to be the best example of Megalithic art in the Mediterranean. The most significant finds on the site are the 16 granite Menhirs, which were originally created in 4000 BC and then literally given a makeover in 1200 BC when human faces were carved into the stones and weapons carved into the facades, transforming them into warriors and hunters. Visit the onsite museum and see artifacts from the Mesolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Ages that depict the development of civilization. 

We had a wonderful time. The hotel was perfect, and the staff could not have been more helpful. Netia and her family had a trouble free journey, and their driver got them to hotel, having battled through the traffic on the peripherique, on the dot of midnight. The rooms were very comfortable, and breakfast superb. The waffle machine was a great hit with the two girls! Bruno was a completely star. He took us to the Cadre first on Saturday morning, but there was a large bus load just in front of us which we allowed to go ahead of us (you could say typically English!) with the result that we missed our starting slot, but quite honestly it did not matter two hoots. We went to the market in Saumur instead. We loved the cruise, and the couple who ran it were delightful. We managed to see every chateau we had mentioned, going inside Villandry, Chenonceau and Cheverny. We had a delicious dinner on Saturday night, and a special mention too for the 1519 restaurant where they looked after us very well. Thank you for the very personal service you gave us, you got it absolutely right.

Day 4: Ajaccio - Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris. View from river seine.
Eiffel Tower, Paris

Today we visited the main market in Ajaccio – le Marche d’Ajaccio is in the heart of the city and the place where locals go to meet for coffee and shop for their evening meal. This outdoor market is home to the best of local produce with a vast range available – Corsican charcuterie and local cheeses, organic honey, and canistrelli, – just a few of the delicious items available here.

In the afternoon your chauffeur will take you to the airport for your short flight to Paris.

Once back in Paris depending on your timings, your chauffeur can take you for a drive to take in the sights of Paris without leaving the comfort of your luxurious vehicle. 

Drive down the Champs d’Elysee, take in the Arc de Triomphe and Tour Eiffel as well as a drive over the Pont Alexandre III, often called the ‘most beautiful bridge in the world ‘  Maybe have a quick stop at Laduree, home of the macaron which makes  perfect gifts for friends and family back home

In the evening enjoy an elegant private dinner cruise on the Seine.

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