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Welcome to our five days in Normandy itinerary, where, along with your private guide and driver, you will discover a treasure trove of history, natural beauty, and cultural riches, all located just a brief trip from the bustling streets of Paris.

We have included essential sites like the D-Day beaches and American Cemetery alongside beauty spots such as the splendid Mont Saint-Michel while also exploring Normandy’s idyllic countryside.

Relish in the region’s famed seafood, artisan Camembert, and wine, and indulge your artistic side by visiting Claude Monet’s home and the enchanting village of Giverny.

Our five-day Normandy itinerary is sure to delight and surprise you.

What is included:

Day 1: Normandy D-Day Beaches

war statues at Utah Beach invasion landing, Normandy, France guided tour experience
Utah Beach invasion landing, Normandy, France

Leave from Paris in the morning with your private driver as you make the 2-hour journey to the D-Day landing beaches in comfort and style.

We begin our tour of Normandy by paying homage to the heroes of World War II. Explore the historic D-Day landing beaches, where the Allied forces made their courageous stand against tyranny, and follow in the footsteps of the American soldiers who landed in Normandy on June 6th, 1944.

American Cemetery & Omaha Beach

Your guide will show you the American Cemetery behind Omaha Beach, the resting place of more than 9,000 American servicemen and women. This sacred place, run by the American Battle Monuments Commission, is the most visited D-Day site in Normandy.

Discover the unique site of Pointe du Hoc and marvel at the enormous cliffs that the American soldiers had to scale to ensure the success of the D-Day landings operation. Today, there are still bomb craters, bunkers, and dugouts peppered throughout the landscape.


At the heart of the Airborne operation was the small town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise. It was the first town to be captured and liberated by the American paratroopers. Here, you can see the monument to paratrooper John Steele, carved into the side of the Cathedral in the village where his parachute was impaled.

Day 2: Giverny

tour guide pointing at impressionist painting in Claude Monet's house in Giverny
Claude Monet's house in Giverny

Today, you’ll be accompanied by your private driver to explore Giverny, a charming village on the Seine’s banks, famously known as the residence of the celebrated artist Claude Monet.

Monet discovered the allure of Giverny in 1883 and was so captivated by its beauty that he remained there for three decades until his passing. His presence and artistic vision eventually attracted numerous other artists to Giverny, inspired by its stunning landscapes.

Monet’s Water Gardens

Our journey begins in the renowned water garden of Giverny, a masterpiece of Monet’s fascination with Japanese culture.

Over a decade, Monet meticulously crafted this enchanting garden, carefully choosing exotic trees and plants like bamboo, ginkgoes, and peonies. He was mainly devoted to cultivating various water lilies, which later became the central theme of his famous ‘Nympheas’ series, initiated in the late 1890s.

Next, our journey takes us to the Clos Normand, which translates to ‘Enclosed Norman Garden .’This section, leading to Monet’s house, is a spectacle of hundreds of flower beds ablaze with colors.

Monet’s love for flowers is evident here; the garden showcases a seasonal parade of blooms, from springtime daffodils and tulips to irises, poppies, pansies, and roses later in the year, creating a sensory delight of vibrant hues and fragrances.

Tour of Monet’s House

We then proceed to Monet’s house, which has been meticulously restored to reflect its original state.

The interior, especially the striking yellow dining room and vivid blue kitchen, is adorned with Monet’s artworks, lending an authentic feel. The house also houses Monet’s cherished collection of Japanese engravings, reflecting his deep admiration for Japanese art.

This collection includes rare pieces by eminent Japanese artists like Utamaro and Hokusai, offering an insightful glimpse into Monet’s artistic influences as you explore each room.

After exploring the house, we’ll pause for lunch at one of the delightful local brasseries in the village.

Impressionist Museum

In the afternoon, your experience continues with a private tour of the Impressionist Museum, where you’ll encounter an impressive collection of works by renowned Impressionist painters, including a permanent exhibit dedicated to Monet’s masterpieces.

Conclude your tour with a stroll through the museum’s vibrant, contemporary gardens adorned with fountains and sprawling wildflower meadows.

Stay overnight in Giverny.

An amazing time in Paris and Normandy was had by all thanks to Luxury France Tours. The tour guide was fantastic, the itinerary was tailored to the family’s exact tastes and the transportation was top-notch. If you are considering a vacation in France then I definitely recommend talking to Debbie first!

Day 3: Mont Saint Michel

family of mother and two daughters posing outside of Le Mont Saint Michel - Normandy
Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

Discover 13 centuries of history with our experienced driver guides at Mont Saint-Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979.

As you wander its slopes, you’ll find charming half-timbered houses lining the quaint alleyways, culminating in a glorious golden statue of Saint Michael at the top. Celebrated French novelist Victor Hugo famously described it as “the pyramid of the seas,” and witnessing Mont Saint-Michel as you drive towards it, it’s easy to see why Hugo was so inspired and why this architectural marvel has been a magnet for visitors since the Middle Ages.

The first construction on the rock was built in 708; a few decades later, it became a major pilgrimage site for all the Christians in the world. Thanks to the work of the religious community on the Mont, the site was seen as an intellectual reference in Europe, where thousands of books, manuscripts, and charters were written or copied.

Day 4: Bayeux and Caen

Bayeux, France

On day 4 of our itinerary, your private driver will join you in the morning for the 1.5-hour journey to Bayeux, a captivating medieval town renowned for its well-preserved ancient architecture.

Explore the town center, where you’ll find a delightful array of excellent restaurants and charming shops offering opportunities to savor a delicious lunch and purchase souvenirs for your loved ones.

Visit the Bayeux Tapestry Museum

Undoubtedly, the highlight of Bayeux is its world-famous tapestry museum. Dating back to the 12th century, the tapestry is an awe-inspiring 70-meter-long masterpiece that recounts the historic conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy, who would later become William the Conqueror and King of England.

Crafted from wool and cloth, the tapestry features vivid depictions of over 600 soldiers and 200 horses. A true gem of UNESCO World Heritage, this remarkable artifact will be explored independently during your visit, accompanied by our expert English-speaking private guide. Please note that guides cannot make any commentary inside the museum.

Explore the Bayeux Cathedral

Marvel at the architectural splendor of the Bayeux Cathedral, built in the Norman style and dedicated in the presence of William the Conqueror in 1077.

Over the years, the cathedral underwent Gothic expansions, resulting in a captivating blend of architectural styles that enchants visitors to this day.

Continue to the Historic Town of Caen

Follow in the footsteps of William the Conqueror as we journey to the town of Caen. Begin your exploration at Saint Stephen’s Abbey, also known as the Men’s Abbey or Abbaye aux Hommes, founded by William in 1063.

This majestic Norman structure remains a prominent architectural landmark in the region. Accompanied by your private certified guide, delve into the fascinating history behind William’s vision for the church and discover the abbey, including the grave of one of England’s most renowned kings.

Visit the Caen Castle or Caen Memorial Museum

At the time of William the Conqueror, the Château de Caen held immense importance in the Duchy of Normandy. Explore the well-preserved remnants of the castle and its ramparts, offering glimpses into the region’s rich history.

Alternatively, if you prefer a different historical experience, we can adapt the tour to include a visit to the Caen Memorial Museum. Delve into the exhibitions dedicated to World War II, particularly the Battle of Normandy.

We were extremely happy with our tour! Jean-Philipe was extremely kind and knowledgeable. We really enjoyed his company. The sprinter van was exactly what we needed and was very clean-which I love ! We loved the tour of the champagne region! Veuve Clicquot was an excellent choice for a visit. We appreciate that Jean-Philipe was able to drive us to Moet for a stop bye. Thank you so much for a 5 star experience!!! We will definitely refer your company to family and friends and hope to book you again in the future.

Day 5: Seaside villages and Camembert

Woman enjoying the sun on Deauville beach.
Deauville Beach, France

Start your day with a visit to an artisan camembert fromagerie and learn how this delicious cheese is made. Your visit will also include tastings of different aged Camembert, plus a visit to the factory shop.

Next, head to the stunning towns of Deauville and Trouville sur Mer; nestled side by side, these two villages are charming for very different reasons.

The Parisian elite like to spend weekends in fashionable Deauville, with its pristine white beaches lined with Beach Clubs and extravagant restaurants.

We stop for a late lunch in one of the famous fish eateries and have fish caught that morning.

We then go to Trouville, Deauville’s more Bohemian cousin with its brightly colored cafes and bars scattered along the beaches; the vibe is definitely more relaxed, and we explore the artisan bakeries and maybe try some tarte aux pommes.

Following our visit, sit back in your air-conditioned Mercedes and let your chauffeur take you back to your hotel in Paris.

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Our five-day tour of the Normandy region offers an enriching and diverse journey through history, art, and natural beauty. From the poignant D-Day beaches to the enchanting village of Giverny, the majestic Mont Saint-Michel, and the delightful local cuisine, each day brings a new and memorable experience.

As you contemplate this extraordinary adventure, remember that our team is ready to tailor a custom itinerary to suit your unique interests and preferences. Contact us to craft your perfect exploration of Normandy, where each day promises to be as captivating as the last.

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