About Luxury France Tours

Luxury French Tours provide the ultimate vacation experience for our clients visiting France. We specialize in seamless service from the moment you step off the plane. From magnificent private guided tours across the many and varied regions of France, through lavish 5-star accommodation and ultimately the transfer for your return flight home.

But you may ask yourself how a woman from a small town in the North West of England found herself running a private tour operator in France?

If we were to go back to the very beginning then my conversion into a Francophile started in High School when we had the opportunity to visit the French Alps as part of a school trip. I simply fell in love with the majestic mountain ranges and achingly quaint little villages we had the opportunity to visit. While I must confess my skiing abilities were not up to much by this point, and my French language skills even worse! I was, however, hooked and from the moment I boarded the plane home with my classmates, I vowed I would return.

At University I followed this pursuit, seeking out placements in France and living in the Alps, Paris, Toulouse, la Vendee, and Roussillon in the following years.

As careers have a habit of doing, unfortunately, I found myself on a different path after University. Whilst my role in media allowed me to travel the world, I frequently found myself pining for my memories of France. It was actually whilst living in Johannesburg some years later I met my (now) husband who just happened to be French!

Following our marriage a year later we spent several years commuting between Paris and London before settling in the amazing and beautiful city of Strasbourg.

From my new base in Strasbourg, I was able to truly develop myself within the leisure and tourism industry, working my way up as I managed chauffeurs, curated experiences for clients, and worked with tour guides. I was thrilled at the thought of how all these guests to our country were discovering a fresh passion for all things French just like I did all those years ago. 

Forming Luxury French Tours was the latest step in my endeavor to connect our guests with this wonderful country. France is so diverse and has something for everyone – from magical fairytale-style castles to imposing Gothic cathedrals, implausibly beautiful Medieval villages, chic Mediterranean resorts, quaint Alpine towns, and stunning vineyards; it is no surprise that France is the most visited tourist destination country in the world. Now, with my own company, I can ensure my guests will have the finest vacations, with the most experienced & qualified drivers and private guides.

From couples and families to large reunions, my job is to ensure that their experience when traveling with us is outstanding, from the minute they contact my team and me at the office to when we wave goodbye at the end of their tour everything has to be meticulously planned.

I listen to what every guest wants for their holiday/experience to understand what their expectations are. I then work with guests to create an itinerary tailormade to their specific requirements.

I would love to share this gorgeous country I call home with you. Get in touch to find out what fantastic French experiences await you, and if you’re anything like me, we are sure you will be back!