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Welcome to our 28-day France tour itinerary, curated by the specialists at Luxury France Tours.

With our four-week-long itinerary, you will stroll the romantic streets of Paris, immersing yourself in the birthplace of haute couture and world-renowned cuisine, explore the enchanting vineyards of Champagne and Burgundy, taste some of the world’s finest wines, bask in the Mediterranean sun in Nice and the French Riviera and much more besides.

Whether you’re a history buff, a food and wine connoisseur, or simply a lover of life’s finer things, this tour promises to enrich, inspire, and delight in equal measure. So join us at Luxury France Tours for a month-long journey through France that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Bon voyage!

Destinations on our 4-Week itinerary

Each day of the tour has been meticulously planned to provide unique experiences and offer an authentic taste of French life. With a private driver and a dedicated guide by your side, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to truly delve into the heart of each destination.

Throughout the journey, you will stay in handpicked hotels that not only provide exceptional comfort but also reflect the local character and charm.

Day 1: Arrival in Paris

view over the wing of a plane flying over Paris with Eiffel tower in background.
Paris, France

We begin our 28-day journey in the enchanting city of Paris, often referred to as the City of Love or the City of Lights. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by your private driver, ensuring a comfortable journey to your hotel.

Settle into your luxury hotel and familiarize yourself with its amenities. Once you’ve had a chance to rest, prepare for an introductory exploration of the city’s nearby attractions.

Paris Walking Tour

Accompanied by your private guide, embark on an enlightening walking tour of Paris. Your guide will help you navigate the city’s streets, pointing out significant landmarks and hidden gems.

You’ll get an overview of Paris’s layout, making it easier to explore independently in the following days. Soak in the charm of Paris on this initial day, setting the tone for the incredible journey to come.

Enjoy the rest of the evening at your leisure, perhaps dining in a local bistro before heading back to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

Day 2: Eiffel Tower & Seine River Cruise

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Visit the iconic Eiffel Tower and enjoy a river cruise on the Seine.

Morning Visit to the Eiffel Tower

Day 2 begins with a visit to perhaps the most famous sight in all of France, the Eiffel Tower, an everlasting symbol of Paris and an architectural masterpiece.

Your private guide will share fascinating insights about its history and construction. Take the elevator up to the top, where you’ll witness a breathtaking panoramic view of Paris. It’s a sight that’s sure to etch itself into your memory, making your Parisian experience truly unforgettable.

Afternoon Seine River Cruise

Our itinerary will now see you proceed to the banks of the Seine, the lifeline of Paris.

Enjoy a leisurely river cruise, offering a unique perspective of the city. As you glide along the water, observe the exquisite Parisian buildings, bridges, and monuments that line the riverbanks.

Head back to your hotel after a fulfilling day, looking forward to more Parisian adventures in the days to come.

Day 3: Louvre & Notre-Dame Cathedral

Normandy D-Day Cemetery

Day 3 of our itinerary takes you on private guided tours of the world-renowned Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Visit the Louvre Museum With Skip-The-Line Access

Start your morning by visiting the Louvre Museum, one of the world’s largest and most iconic art museums.

Housing an extensive collection of art and historical artifacts, the Louvre is a treasure trove of cultural heritage. Your private guide will lead you through its vast halls, showcasing masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Immerse yourself in the world of art and history, making this a truly enriching experience.

Afternoon Tour of Notre-Dame Cathedral

Post the Louvre visit, head towards the Notre Dame Cathedral, an awe-inspiring example of French Gothic architecture, freshly re-opened after a catastrophic fire in 2019.

While the exterior is notable for its detailed sculptures and dramatic gargoyles, the interior boasts a serene atmosphere and beautiful stained glass. Learn about its rich history from your guide and, if possible, climb up to enjoy a panoramic view of Paris.

Evening Entertainment: Theatre or Fine Dining

As the day winds down, prepare for an elegant Parisian evening. If you’re a theatre enthusiast, enjoy a captivating performance at one of Paris’s renowned theatres, like the Comédie-Française.

Alternatively, indulge in a classy dining experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant, savoring exquisite French cuisine while reflecting on the day’s adventures. Finally, after an eventful day, return to your hotel for a well-earned rest.

Day 4: Paris Cooking Class & Champs-Élysées

Guide showing guests the Sacre Coeur, known as Sacred Heart of Montmartre church.
Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Paris, France

Your guide will take you on a walking tour of the Champs-Élysées, one of the world’s most famous avenues.

This grand boulevard, lined with shops, cafes, and theatres, leads to the Arc de Triomphe, a monumental arch dedicated to French soldiers. Your guide will enlighten you about its historical significance, adding depth to your understanding of French culture.

Afternoon in Montmartre

Venture into the charming neighborhood of Montmartre. Famous for its bohemian past and the iconic Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Montmartre offers stunning views over Paris.

Wander through its quaint, winding streets, visit the bustling Place du Tertre with its artists and portraitists, and explore the Montmartre Museum to learn about the neighborhood’s vibrant history.

Evening French Cooking Class

As evening falls, immerse yourself in a private French cooking class. This hands-on experience will introduce you to the nuances of French cuisine and allow you to create and enjoy your own French meal.

Whether you’re kneading dough for a baguette, flambéing a crêpe, or simmering a coq au vin, this culinary adventure promises to be a memorable part of your Parisian journey.

Return to your hotel, savoring the flavors of the day.

Day 5: Reims

woman with glass of wine standing outside champagne, Reims, Cathedral on a private tour
Reims Cathedral, France

Bid farewell to Paris as you embark on a 2-hour drive to Reims, a city in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France.

Reims Cathedral Tour

Prepare for a private guided tour of the magnificent Reims Cathedral. This Gothic marvel is one of Europe’s most important cathedrals, having been the coronation site for French kings for centuries.

Your guide will share fascinating insights about its architecture, stained glass windows, and historical significance. Marvel at the intricate design and grandeur of this iconic cathedral.

We arrived safely back in Texas earlier this week with full hearts and stomachs!! Our trip was AMAZING!! We have already shared many times with family and friends that our trip could not have been better! We loved every minute! Thank you for all that you did to make everything so special! We loved Fabrice! He was so professional and wonderful to be with! Our favorite guide was Edwige! (all were wonderful though)! The Seine boat tour was so very special! FYI...the Kimpton St Honore was wonderful and an excellent price compared to the other 5 star hotels. We have already told several friends about Luxury France Tours and plan on using your services on our next trip to France....which we hope will be soon! Many thanks and blessings to you both....

Day 6: Reims - Palace of Tau and the St Remi Museum

external view looking onto Palace of Tau, Reims, France
Palace of Tau, Reims, France

Discover the captivating history and stunning architecture of the Palace of Tau and the St Remi Museum, two landmark cultural sites. Following this, you will visit the renowned Champagne cellars, uncovering the sparkling secrets of champagne production.

Exploration of the Palace of Tau

Begin your day with a visit to the Palace of Tau, the former residence of the Archbishops of Reims.

This architectural gem is now a museum that houses an impressive collection of sculptures, tapestries, and other artifacts related to the coronation ceremonies of French kings. Your private guide will provide a deep dive into the history and significance of these pieces, enhancing your appreciation of this important site.

St Remi Museum

In the afternoon, head to the St Remi Museum housed in the ancient St Remi Abbey. The museum hosts a wide array of artifacts from the Gallo-Roman period through the early Middle Ages, providing a comprehensive overview of the region’s past. Your guide will help bring these artifacts to life, shedding light on their context and importance.

Champagne Cellars Tour

No visit to Reims would be complete without exploring its famous Champagne cellars. Embark on a guided tour of these historic cellars, learning about the intricate process of Champagne production, from grape to bottle.

Evening Champagne Tasting Experience

As evening falls, opt for a champagne-tasting experience. Indulge in a selection of the region’s finest bubbly, learning about the subtle differences in flavor and aroma. This tasteful end to your day will surely make your visit to Reims a memorable one. Afterward, return to your hotel for a well-earned rest.

Day 7: Exploring the Champagne Route

Champagne Vines Grapes France Landscape
Champagne Vineyards, France

Today, our itinerary is dedicated to exploring the famous Champagne Route. Along the way, you will visit exquisite Champagne Houses and meander through idyllic vineyards and charming villages. Your guide will share insights about the region’s unique terroir, crucial for producing the world-renowned Champagne.

Visiting Champagne Houses

The route is dotted with prestigious Champagne houses, many of which open their doors to visitors. Take guided tours of these houses, delving deeper into the Champagne-making process, from the vine to the glass.

Evening Champagne Tasting

Your day on the Champagne Route culminates with a delightful Champagne tasting session.

Sample different varieties of the iconic bubbly, appreciating the subtleties in taste and aroma that make each unique. The day’s experience will provide a deeper appreciation for this celebrated beverage.

Day 8: Free Day in Reims

Enjoy a leisurely day in Reims to explore at your own pace. Visit local markets, enjoy French cuisine, or simply relax at your hotel.

In the evening, your guide can recommend a local restaurant where you can enjoy traditional regional dishes, perhaps paired with a glass of Champagne.

Day 9: Dijon - Palace of the Dukes and Notre Dame of Dijon

Eglise Notre Dame Cathedral private tour
Église Notre Dame, Dijon, France

Bid adieu to Reims as you embark on a comfortable 3-hour drive to Dijon, the capital of the historic Burgundy region.

Palace of the Dukes

After settling in, begin your exploration of Dijon with a visit to the Palace of the Dukes.

This impressive palace was the residence of the Dukes of Burgundy and now houses the city hall and the Museum of Fine Arts. Your private guide will enlighten you about the palace’s history and architectural significance, enhancing your appreciation of this grand edifice.

Visit to Notre Dame of Dijon

Afterward, make your way to the Notre Dame of Dijon, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Marvel at its detailed façade, and don’t miss the “Owl of Dijon,” a small stone carving that’s said to bring good luck when touched with the left hand.

Dijon Mustard Tasting

In the evening, participate in a unique Dijon mustard-tasting experience. Learn about the production process of this famous condiment and sample different varieties.

This flavorful end to your day will be a memorable introduction to the culinary delights of Dijon.

Day 10: Dijon Fine Arts & Food Market

small group tour and guide entering musee des beaux in Dijon France
Dijon, Musée des Beaux-Arts

Begin Day 10 with a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the oldest and most prestigious museums in France.

Museum of Fine Arts Tour

Located within the Palace of the Dukes, the museum’s vast collection spans from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary art. Your private guide will lead you through the galleries, offering insights into significant works.

Dijon Food Market

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring Dijon’s vibrant food market. Discover a vast array of local produce, cheeses, meats, and the region’s renowned mustard.

French Cuisine Dinner

Conclude your day with a sumptuous French dinner at a local restaurant recommended by your guide. Savor the flavors of traditional Burgundian dishes, accompanied by a glass of regional wine.

We are now back in the states! We wanted to thank you for helping us to plan a fabulous trip to France which allowed us to see a lot of beautiful areas, experience fantastic cultural venues and meet some wonderful people and still have some down time to relax! As I mentioned before, ALL of our guides and drivers were so gracious, helpful and knowledgeable. We felt bad we didn’t know the language and they were very understanding and accommodating in regards to this. Everything went very smoothly and we appreciated the email updates/check ins to be sure all was going well. I appreciated the accommodation with figuring out a convenient plan for us to have our bags taken care of so we did not miss an important tour of Bordeaux when there was an unexpected change in the plan. Although we weren’t notified that accommodations were made until we were on the train it was helpful to find out that you had already made arrangements with the drivers and tour guides to help us. Erwin (Bordeaux driver manager) was particularly informative and thorough! I would have been very upsetting to me to miss part of Bordeaux and this ability to rectify makes us feel this is what makes your tour company worthy of being “luxurious” 😊 We were very happy we chose your company including the Gmeets, the itinerary, your team and our experience in beautiful Paris, Champagne and Bordeaux! We will definitely be recommending your services to our friends and family! We can’t wait to come back 🇫🇷🥖🍷

Day 11: Exploring the Burgundy Wine Route

Wine tour in the Village of Meursault, Burgundy.
Burgundy Vineyards, France

Spend Day 11 journeying along the Burgundy Wine Route with your guide.

Visit vineyards and wine cellars, learn about the winemaking process, and enjoy tastings of the region’s world-famous Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines.

Wine and Cheese Pairing

In the evening, participate in a wine and cheese pairing experience. Learn how different cheeses complement the region’s wines and taste some exquisite pairings.

Day 12: Dijon Cooking Class

French Cooking Class in Paris
Cooking Class, France

Welcome to a unique culinary experience in the heart of Dijon – a private cooking class that brings you up close and personal with the rich gastronomy of Burgundy. With a passionate, experienced private chef leading the session, you’re in for a journey through the unique flavors and techniques that define regional cuisine.

Upon arrival at the intimate and well-equipped kitchen, the aroma of fresh ingredients and simmering sauces welcomes you. The chef will introduce you to an array of local produce, explaining their significance and usage in Burgundian cuisine. The ingredients speak of the region’s culinary heritage, from the earthy flavors of the region’s famous Dijon mustard to the richness of Époisses cheese.

Then, it’s time to don your apron and delve into the hands-on experience. You’ll learn to prepare classic Burgundian dishes, guided step-by-step by the expert chef. Whether it’s the savory delight of Coq au Vin or the comforting pleasure of a hearty Beef Bourguignon, the class is a feast of learning and fun.

As you work, the chef will share stories and insights, weaving together the region’s culinary traditions with its history. By the end of the class, you’ll not only have learned to create delectable Burgundian cuisine but also have gained a deeper understanding of Burgundy’s gastronomic culture.

Day 13: Beaune Wine Region

tiled roofs and 13th century buildings tour in France.
Beaune, Hospices de Beaune, Burgundy

Continue your French adventure with a short, 45-minute drive from Dijon to Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy.

Visit Hospices de Beaune

Your exploration of Beaune begins with a guided tour of the Hospices de Beaune, a former charitable almshouse and a jewel of Burgundy’s flamboyant gothic architecture.

Our private guide will illuminate its history, detailing its function as a hospital for the poor in the Middle Ages and its transition into a museum. The highlight is the “Polyptych of the Last Judgement,” a 15th-century masterpiece by Rogier van der Weyden.

Walking Tour of Beaune's Historic Center

Spend the rest of the afternoon strolling around Beaune’s historic center. Admire the preserved medieval architecture, pop into charming boutiques, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this quaint town.

Burgundy Wine Tasting

Partake in a Burgundy wine tasting at a local cellar in the evening. Learn about the region’s celebrated Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines and sample a few vintages.

Day 14: Beaune Vineyards & Wine Tasting

view from a leafy vineyard looking onto small village town in Burgundy wine tour
Vineyard near Beaune, France

Explore the vineyards around Beaune with wine-tasting sessions guided by your driver.

We have devoted today’s itinerary to exploring the vineyards surrounding Beaune. Your private driver-guide will take you on a tour through the picturesque wine country, stopping at several vineyards along the way.

You’ll learn about the specific terroir of the region, the grape varieties grown, and the meticulous winemaking process that results in some of the world’s most acclaimed wines.

Wine Tasting Sessions

At each vineyard, enjoy guided wine-tasting sessions.

Discover the distinct characteristics of each wine, learning to identify the subtle notes and aromas. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a wine novice, this immersive experience will deepen your appreciation for Burgundy wines.

Day 15: Welcome to Lyon

guided tour in Saint-Jean district, Lyon, France
Saint-Jean district, Lyon, France

The next destination on our itinerary will see you arrive in Lyon, a 2-hour drive away with your private chauffeur.

Venture into the heart of France’s gastronomic capital with a guided walking tour of Old Lyon, or Vieux Lyon, one of the largest Renaissance quarters in Europe. As you tread the cobblestone streets and traverse the narrow passageways, or “traboules,” you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Old Lyon Walking Tour

Your tour begins at the foot of Fourvière Hill, the birthplace of ancient Lugdunum, offering a spectacular panoramic view over the city. Here, your knowledgeable guide will introduce you to Lyon’s rich history, dating back to its founding by the Romans in 43 BC.

Descending into the Saint-Jean district, you’ll marvel at the ornate facades of the Renaissance buildings, the stunning St. Jean Cathedral, and the impressive astronomical clock intricately designed with a daily spectacle. Walking further, you’ll cross into the Saint-Paul district, where the influence of Italian Renaissance architecture is clear.

Explore the hidden gems of Vieux Lyon through its ‘traboules,’ secret passageways that weavers once used to transport their silks. These hidden corridors reveal surprising courtyards and spiral staircases, transporting you to a world that whispers of Lyon’s past.

The tour culminates at the lively Saint-Georges district, known for its silk workshops. Throughout the journey, your guide’s stories and anecdotes will illuminate the city’s past and present, making this walkthrough Old Lyon a captivating trip through the ages.

I had the most wonderful time in Paris. Luxury France Tours exceeded all my expectations. My tour guide and driver were so accommodating, even when I made variations to the itinerary. They were so versed on everything Parisian, it was like a history lesson! My contact person Debbie was simply the best! I felt like she was always looking out for my best interests, since I was traveling alone. I would highly recommend LFT for your next trip abroad!!!

Day 16: Exploring Lyon - Sacred Heights, Green Splendor, and Gastronomic Delights

External view of the Notre-Dame de Fourvière, Lyon, France
Notre-Dame de Fourvière, Lyon, France

Begin your Lyon exploration by ascending the Fourvière hill to visit the iconic Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

The Majestic Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

This architectural marvel crowned on Lyon’s heights, commands awe-inspiring views of the city.

As you wander through its stunning interiors, your guide will illuminate the basilica’s rich history and intricate mosaics that tell tales of spiritual reverence and artistic prowess. Venture onto the adjacent esplanade, a prime vantage point for capturing Lyon’s expansive cityscape in unforgettable photos.

The Verdant Paradise of Parc de la Tête d'Or

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the natural wonderland of Parc de la Tête d’Or.

Spread across 117 hectares, this urban park ranks among France’s largest, boasting a zoo, a botanical garden, and a rose garden. Navigate the lush pathways alongside your guide, who will spotlight the park’s array of flora and fauna. Opt for a tranquil boat ride on the park’s vast lake, or simply bask in the serenity of this urban green sanctuary.

Dining at a Traditional Lyonnais Bouchon

Round off your day with a culinary journey at a traditional Lyonnais’ Bouchon.’ Famous for serving up hearty Lyon cuisine packed with robust flavors, bouchons offer a unique gastronomic experience.

Day 17: A Gastronomic Journey Through Lyon

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, Cheese, France
Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, Cheese, France

Start your 17th day by immersing yourself in the flavors and aromas of Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, a gourmet food market named after the legendary French chef.

A Sensorial Journey at Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

A veritable paradise for food enthusiasts, the market buzzes with a wide variety of local produce, artisan cheeses, delicately crafted pastries, and an array of charcuterie, demonstrating Lyon’s culinary richness.

Your guide will help you navigate this gastronomic labyrinth, introducing you to the delights and stories behind each food stall.

Traboule Tour and Bouchon Lunch

Next, traverse Lyon’s unique traboules, hidden passageways that weave through the old buildings, connecting the city’s streets in an intriguing web of history.

These ancient routes, once used by silk workers, often lead to traditional bouchons tucked away in their depths. Your guide will navigate you through these labyrinthine corridors, culminating in a hearty lunch at one of these distinctive eateries.

Pastry-Making Masterclass

After lunch, indulge your sweet tooth with a pastry-making class led by a local chef.

Under expert guidance, learn to create Lyon’s signature sweet treats, like the crimson praline tart or the famous cousin de Lyon. It’s not only a lesson in baking but also a dive into Lyon’s rich confectionery tradition.

Dine Like a Lyonnais

Round off your day by indulging in a gourmet dinner at one of Lyon’s highly acclaimed restaurants. Here, witness the inventive prowess of modern Lyon chefs as they take traditional ingredients and transform them into culinary masterpieces.

Day 18: Exploring the Beaujolais Wine Region

pouring red wine from bottle into the glass close up shot Beaujolais Red Wine, Vineyard, France
Beaujolais Red Wine, Vineyard, France

On Day 18, venture out of the city to explore the beautiful Beaujolais wine region. This picturesque area, characterized by rolling hills and historic vineyards, is renowned for its light, fruity wines.

Your guide will take you to several wineries, where you’ll learn about the region’s winemaking traditions and the unique ‘Gamay’ grape used in Beaujolais wine.

Wine Tasting Sessions

Enjoy a tasting session at each winery, sampling a variety of Beaujolais wines. Your guide will help you identify the unique characteristics of each wine, enhancing your appreciation of this celebrated wine region.

Wine and Dine

In the evening, return to Lyon and enjoy a relaxed dinner at a local restaurant.

Opt for dishes paired with the wines you sampled earlier in the day, bringing your Beaujolais experience full circle.

Day 19: Avignon Old Town

Avignon- Medieval City of the Popes
Avignon, France

Day 19 begins with a 2.5-hour scenic drive from Lyon to Avignon. As the Provençal countryside unfolds before your eyes, your guide will share fascinating stories about the rich history and culture of this region.

Your driver guide will collect you from your hotel in the morning for the 2.5-hour journey to Avignon, a city known for its exceptional blend of history, culture, and the arts, manifested in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palais des Papes, one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe.

The city’s charming old town, with its cobbled streets and beautifully preserved 14th-century ramparts, offers a rich tapestry of historical sites, inviting cafes, and vibrant markets, fostering an ambiance of timeless allure.

Enchanting Stroll through Avignon's Historical Heart

Picture your footsteps echoing over the ancient cobblestones, each one steeped in history, all while surrounded by the formidable medieval walls that have served as the city’s stalwart defenders. As you navigate the vibrant markets, a cornucopia of local goods awaits discovery. As the stories of Avignon are unveiled by your guide, you’ll gain insight into the city’s strategic importance during the stormy times of the Papal Schism.

Evening Culinary Adventure in Provence

Brace your senses for a gastronomic extravaganza at a delightful local restaurant. Indulge in the symphony of Provençal cuisine, a harmonious blend of fresh, locally sourced ingredients that truly mirror the region’s bountiful produce.

Day 20: Immersive Journey through Avignon's Iconic Landmarks

external view of the Palais des Papes, Avignon, France
Palais des Papes, Avignon, France

Morning is dedicated to exploring Avignon’s celebrated architectural marvels.

Palais des Papes Tour

Immerse yourself in the grandiosity of the Palais des Papes, an awe-inspiring monument of Gothic architecture that was once the stronghold of popes during the 14th century.

Next, visit the iconic Avignon Bridge or Pont Saint-Bénézet, echoing the refrains of the legendary French song.

Evening Wine Tasting Session

As the day morphs into night, prepare for an enlightening journey into the world of wine appreciation. Relish the sensory exploration as you taste exquisite Côtes du Rhône wines, each sip revealing the rich viticultural tapestry of this renowned region.

Absolutely delighted with the tour arranged by Luxury France Tours. The guide was marvellous so knowledgeable and ensured everyone had a wonderful time. Changed the itinerary to suit what we needed. I highly recommend this company to anyone planning a trip to France, five stars all round!

Day 21: Exploring the Provence Region

Mother and Daughter in the Lavendar fields, France
Lavender Fields of Provence, France

Embark on a journey through the captivating landscapes of Provence, an enchanting region synonymous with natural beauty and an enduring cultural legacy. Here, you’ll find yourself wholly immersed in the delightful medley of sights, sounds, and scents that epitomize the Provençal charm.

A Sea of Purple: Lavender Fields of Provence

Your exploration begins in the heart of a dazzling expanse of lavender fields, the embodiment of Provençal grace.

Picture the endless stretches of undulating purple, bending softly to the rhythm of the breeze. The intoxicating fragrance of the blooms fills the air, lending a note of tranquillity to the picturesque panorama.

Known worldwide for its soothing properties, the lavender of Provence has been used in local arts and crafts and in creating the region’s fragrant soaps and essential oils. As you wander through the lavender rows, be prepared for a sensory feast that will remain with you forever.

Vineyards of Excellence: The Rosé Wines of Provence

We continue to the verdant vineyards renowned for producing some of France’s most esteemed rosé wines. Meander through the orderly rows of grapevines laden with plump grapes ripening under the Mediterranean sun.

These vineyards are the source of the delightful rosé wines that have put Provence on the global viticulture map.

The wines of Provence, known for their vibrant hues and subtle flavors, mirror the region’s vibrant personality. A visit to these vineyards provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of the meticulous artistry involved in creating these cherished wines, further enriching your Provençal experience.

Day 22: Excursion to Gordes and Roussillon

Gordes, France Serene countryside
Gordes, France

Embark on an excursion to Gordes, a charming village perched high on the hills of the Luberon region. As you approach, the view of this stunning stone-built village, clinging defiantly to the cliff face, is nothing short of breathtaking. Gordes is known as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France,” and as you wander through its narrow, winding streets, it’s easy to see why.

The houses, built from local stone, rise in terraces from the rock, their pale facades glowing softly in the Provencal sun. Feel the echoes of the past as you pass historic buildings, ancient washhouses, and the imposing 12th-century castle. The panoramic view from the village is a vast canvas of the Luberon Valley, a mesmerizing sight that invites contemplation and wonder.

The Palette of Nature: Roussillon

Next, take a journey to the vibrant village of Roussillon, another jewel in the crown of Provence. Famous for its magnificent ochre cliffs and quarries, Roussillon is a cascade of colors, a visual symphony ranging from soft yellows to flaming reds. This stunning natural color palette has inspired artists for centuries, and a walk through the Ochre Path (“Sentier des Ocres”) is a must-do for visitors.

The quaint, charming village is just as colorful, with houses painted in shades reflecting the ochre hues. Wander through its streets to discover art galleries, craft shops, and inviting cafes. Don’t miss the panoramic view from the top of the village, where the vistas of the surrounding countryside, painted with vineyards, olive groves, and fields of lavender, will leave you spellbound.

Day 23: The Gateway to French Riviera: Nice

Nice, France, Tours
Nice, France

Nestled on the pebble-laden shores of the Mediterranean 2.5 hours drive from Avignon, lies Nice, the crown jewel of the French Riviera, which is a radiant blend of sun-kissed beaches, Belle Époque architecture, and an irresistible, vibrant culture.

As your chauffeur deftly navigates the serpentine coastal roads, the vistas shift from lush vineyards and lavender fields to the azure stretch of the Mediterranean, framed by sun-drenched beaches and opulent villas.

Your guide, a walking encyclopedia of the Riviera’s past and present, will regale you with captivating anecdotes of the region’s glamorous past, filled with tales of famous artists, nobility, and Hollywood stars who have fallen under its spell.

A Promenade through History

On arriving in Nice, spend your afternoon absorbing the city’s allure by strolling along the famous Promenade des Anglais.

This palm-fringed seafront avenue, where the upper echelons of Victorian society would “promenade” in their finery, presents a captivating tableau of Nice’s city life against the backdrop of the shimmering Mediterranean.

As you walk, your guide will highlight key landmarks, such as the Negresco Hotel and the art-deco Palais de la Méditerranée, narrating intriguing tales of the city’s belle époque era.

Day 24: The Charms and Splendors of Nice

outside view of the Matisse Museum, Nice, France
The Matisse Museum, Nice, France

Day two in Nice introduces you to the authentic soul of the city – Vieux Nice (Old Town). This district is a labyrinth of narrow, meandering alleys flanked by ochre-hued buildings, with vibrant markets, enticing shops, and baroque churches nestled in its nooks and crannies.

As you delve deeper into this historical quarter with your guide, you’ll discover hidden gems and learn fascinating anecdotes from its kaleidoscopic history.

The Matisse Museum

After lunch, your cultural exploration of Nice continues with a visit to the Matisse Museum. This homage to the artistic genius of Henri Matisse, who spent nearly four decades in Nice, provides an immersive journey through his artistic evolution. The museum’s extensive collection encapsulates Matisse’s diverse artistic styles and mediums, offering an unparalleled insight into his life and work.

Evening Serenade: The Jazz Notes of Nice

As dusk sets in, the city’s vibrant music scene beckons. Immerse yourself in an evening of live jazz at one of Nice’s renowned music venues. The city has a rich history of jazz, with the annual Nice Jazz Festival being one of the highlights of its cultural calendar. As the soulful notes fill the air, reflect on your experiences in Nice, a city that dances gracefully between its historical roots and contemporary charm.

Day 25: Day Trip to Monaco

Monte Carlo bay yacht cruise tour
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Your 25th day will be spent exploring the glitzy city-state of Monaco. Known for its luxurious casinos, yacht-lined harbor, and prestigious Grand Prix, Monaco is a playground for the rich and famous.

Your guide will lead you through its glamorous streets, highlighting iconic sights like the Prince’s Palace, the Casino de Monte-Carlo, and the opulent Opera House.

The Iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo

Begin your day of exploration in the glitzy and glamorous Principality of Monaco with a visit to the legendary Casino de Monte-Carlo.

An architectural masterpiece of the Belle Époque, the casino encapsulates Monaco’s grandeur and opulence. As your guide leads you through its ornate rooms filled with frescoes, sculptures, and an astonishing array of gaming tables, they will relay captivating tales of fortunes won and lost within these hallowed halls.

While here, don’t miss the chance to admire the lavish Opera de Monte-Carlo, designed by renowned architect Charles Garnier.

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Venture to the Oceanographic Museum perched dramatically on the cliffside overlooking the Mediterranean.

A temple dedicated to the sea, this institution has been enchanting visitors for over a century. Accompanied by your guide, delve into the wonders of marine life, from the smallest plankton to the fearsome shark. Don’t forget to marvel at the museum’s magnificent facade, a striking blend of Baroque Revival and Art Nouveau architecture.

The Exotic Gardens and Observation Cave

Nestled on a cliffside, the Exotic Garden of Monaco is home to thousands of rare succulent and cacti species from the world’s arid regions.

As your guide shares insights into the garden’s remarkable collection, enjoy the stunning panoramic views of Monaco and the azure Mediterranean Sea.

Also, take a moment to explore the Observation Cave, a prehistoric underground grotto filled with stunning stalactites and stalagmites.

The Royal Palace and Changing of the Guard

Your Monaco experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Prince’s Palace, the official residence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

As you explore the palace’s opulent State Apartments with your guide, discover a fascinating blend of architectural styles reflecting Monaco’s rich history. Be sure to time your visit to witness the traditional Changing of the Guard ceremony, a spectacle of pomp and pageantry.

Return to Nice in the evening with your private driver.

We were extremely happy with our tour! Jean-Philipe was extremely kind and knowledgeable. We really enjoyed his company. The sprinter van was exactly what we needed and was very clean-which I love ! We loved the tour of the champagne region! Veuve Clicquot was an excellent choice for a visit. We appreciate that Jean-Philipe was able to drive us to Moet for a stop bye. Thank you so much for a 5 star experience!!! We will definitely refer your company to family and friends and hope to book you again in the future.

Day 26: Day Trip to Antibes and Cannes

Luxury tour in Cannes
Cannes, France

Discover Antibes’ rich history and vibrant cultural scene in its old town and Picasso Museum before stepping onto Cannes’ red carpet along the stunning La Croisette.

The day culminates with a serene sunset cruise, where you’ll relish the breathtaking views of the glimmering coastline.

Charm of Antibes

Welcome the day with an exciting visit to the quaint town of Antibes, beautifully tucked between the cities of Nice and Cannes.

Boasting a rich history, golden sandy beaches, and a vibrant cultural scene, Antibes will leave you bewitched. Start your tour at the heart of Antibes’ history – its old town. As your guide navigates through the labyrinth of narrow, winding lanes, listen to enchanting tales of yesteryears and the town’s metamorphosis into a modern cultural haven.

Your journey through Antibes’ history culminates at the Château Grimaldi, which now houses the renowned Picasso Museum. Inside this historic castle, witness an impressive collection of Picasso’s works, showcasing his indomitable spirit and artistic evolution.

Cannes Exploration

Following a satisfying local lunch, set your sights on the glamorous city of Cannes, synonymous with its prestigious international film festival.

Your guide leads you down La Croisette, a stunning promenade fringed by towering palm trees, upscale boutiques, and imposing grand hotels. A walk down this iconic boulevard is like stepping onto the red carpet, and you can almost hear the camera shutters clicking.

Make a pitstop at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, the heartbeat of the Cannes Film Festival. If time allows, give in to the allure of Cannes’ pristine sandy beaches and take a refreshing dip in the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.

Sunset Cruise

What better way to conclude your Cannes experience than with a sunset cruise departing from the coast lined with glamorous white yachts?

Sailing along the glimmering coastline of the French Riviera, you are privy to an exclusive panorama of the coast, bathed in the soft, warm hues of the setting sun. Complement this serene spectacle with a glass of local wine, its complex notes echoing the richness of your day’s experiences.

As the cool sea breeze caresses your face and the lapping waves sing a gentle lullaby, the perfect end to your day on the Riviera unfolds.

Day 27: Leisure Day in Nice

young woman in yellow top standing with arms outstretched at a viewpoint in Nice, France
Nice, France

Your penultimate day in Nice is a leisurely one. Start the day with a visit to a local market, such as the famous Cours Saleya, where you can taste local produce and purchase unique souvenirs. Alternatively, you might prefer to spend the morning relaxing on one of Nice’s beautiful beaches.

The rest of the day is at your disposal. You can choose to explore more of Nice, visit a nearby town, or simply relax and enjoy the amenities of your hotel.

Savor your last night in France with a special farewell dinner at a renowned Nice restaurant. Delight in the flavors of the Mediterranean while reminiscing about the fantastic memories created during your journey.

Day 28: Departure from Nice

Your 28-day private driver-guided tour of France comes to an end. Your private driver will escort you to the airport for your departure, marking the end of an unforgettable journey through the diverse and beautiful landscapes of France.

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