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Explore Italy, France & Spain in 21 Days

Our tour planning specialists have designed this captivating three-week journey through the heart of Italy, France, and Spain for those who seek to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of European culture, history, and landscapes.

Our 21-day itinerary starts in the eternal city of Rome, traverses through Italy’s iconic cities, crosses into the scenic rivieras and lavender fields of France, culminates in the vibrant heritage of Spain, and ends in Madrid.

Destinations On Our 3 Weeks Italy, France, & Spain Itinerary

Day 1: Rome's Ancient Heart

Rome, Colosseum, Italy

Beginning with collection at the airport with your private driver or pick up from your accommodation if you will already be in the Eternal City, we have crafted day one of our itinerary to be a journey through time as you explore the ancient wonders of Rome, where history is etched into every corner of the city.

Colosseum and Roman Forum

Your Roman adventure gets underway at the Colosseum, the emblem of Rome’s imperial might.

With your private guide, you will delve into the history of this iconic amphitheater, imagining the gladiatorial combats that once captivated audiences.

Continue to the Roman Forum, the political and social hub of the ancient city, where your guide will bring to life the ruins of temples, marketplaces, and government buildings.

Palatine Hill Tour

Ascend to Palatine Hill, the mythical birthplace of Rome.

Stroll through the ruins of imperial palaces and gardens with your guide narrating the legends of Romulus and Remus. The hill offers panoramic views of the Forum and the city, providing a majestic backdrop to your exploration.

Pantheon and Piazza Navona

Your guide will then take you to the Pantheon, a marvel of ancient engineering with its massive dome and oculus.

Then, wander to Piazza Navona, where the Baroque fountains and architecture are illuminated beautifully at dusk. Your guide will share the stories of the artists and architects who shaped this vibrant square.

Day 2: Vatican City's Artistic Legacy

Vatican, Italy

Discover the artistic and spiritual treasures of Vatican City, home to some of the world’s most influential art and architecture.

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

On the second day of our itinerary, you meet your guide at the Vatican Museums, where they will lead you through rooms filled with priceless art collected by popes over centuries.

Highlights include the Raphael Rooms and, of course, the Sistine Chapel, where Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes and The Last Judgment await to leave you in awe.

Peter's Basilica

Continue to St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in Christendom. Marvel at the magnificent interior, including Michelangelo’s Pietà and Bernini’s towering baldachin over the papal altar.

Climb to the dome for a breathtaking view of Vatican City and beyond, with your guide explaining the basilica’s architectural wonders and historical significance.

Vatican Gardens

Day 2 culminates with a tranquil stroll through the Vatican Gardens.

This private tour offers a rare glimpse into the serene landscapes that popes have cultivated for centuries. Admire the fountains, sculptures, and carefully manicured lawns that make these gardens a peaceful haven in the heart of Vatican City, providing a perfect reflective end to your exploration of the Vatican’s artistic legacy.

Day 3: Florence - Cradle of the Renaissance

florence skyline
Florence, Italy

On day three, you have the option of making the transfer from Rome with a private driver and luxury vehicle in 3 hours, or your driver will deliver you to the train station for the 1.5-hour high-speed rail journey.

Prepare to delve into the artistic and architectural wonders of Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, where every street and building tells a story of creativity and splendor.

Uffizi Gallery Tour

Step into a world of high art and particularly renaissance masterpieces in the Uffizi Gallery, home to one of the most important art collections in the world.

With a private guide, navigate through halls adorned with works by masters like Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci. The Birth of Venus and Primavera are just a few of the prestigious works that your guide will illuminate with insightful commentary.

Florence Cathedral and Brunelleschi's Dome

Visit the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, majestically perched atop Fourvière Hill.

This stunning basilica, a blend of Romanesque and Byzantine styles, offers breathtaking views of Lyon. Inside, marvel at the intricate mosaics and the ornate interior.

Ponte Vecchio and the Oltrarno

Alongside your guide, stroll to the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence, renowned for its jewelry shops housed in medieval structures.

Cross into the Oltrarno district, where artisans still ply their centuries-old trades. Your guide will share stories of the bridge and introduce you to the local crafts that make this area unique.

Day 4: Day Trip to Pisa

Pisa, Italy

Awake in Florence and join your private driver in the morning for the journey to Pisa, just over an hour away, nestled in the beautiful Tuscan landscapes.

Pisa, of course, is famous for its famous leaning tower and other architectural wonders that are rich in historical significance.

Leaning Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli Tour

Your day in Pisa begins at the iconic Leaning Tower, where you’ll learn about the tower’s history and the efforts to preserve its tilt.

The Piazza dei Miracoli, with its immaculate lawns, is home to the tower, the Cathedral, and the Baptistry. Your guide will delve into the art and architecture of these religious monuments, highlighting their role in Pisa’s spiritual and cultural life.

Pisa's Historical Center and Riverfront

Explore the historical heart of Pisa with your private guide, wandering through medieval streets to discover hidden gems like the Knights’ Square (Piazza dei Cavalieri) and the historic University of Pisa buildings.

Stroll along the Arno River, admiring the views and the beautiful mix of Gothic and Renaissance buildings that line its banks.

Visit to a Local Tuscan Vineyard

As the afternoon sun begins to set, visit a local vineyard in the Tuscan countryside near Pisa.

You will be joined by local specialists, who will teach you about the winemaking process and give you a tasting session of regional wines. This will offer a relaxing end to your day trip and a taste of Tuscany’s renowned viticulture.

Rejoin your driver for the private transfer back to Florence.

Day 5: Arrival in Venice and Gondola Ride

Doge's Palace, Venice, Italy

Arrive in the magical city of Venice, where history flows through the canals and art adorns every corner.

There are 2 ways to get here from Florence. Option 1 is a private transfer with our luxury vehicle, which takes 3 hours, or you can take the high-speed rail link, which takes just over 2 hours.

Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace

Upon arrival in Venice, your tour begins with an exclusive guided experience of St. Mark’s Basilica, a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture.

Gaze upon the golden mosaics and the Pala d’Oro altarpiece as your guide unveils the basilica’s treasures. Next, explore the Doge’s Palace, the heart of Venetian political power. Traverse the opulent halls, the Bridge of Sighs, and the eerie prisons, with your guide providing insights into Venice’s illustrious past.

Hidden Venice and Gondola Ride

Delve into the lesser-known quarters of Venice with your guide, exploring the city’s hidden gems and tranquil canals away from the crowds.

What better way to conclude this intimate exploration than with a private gondola ride? Glide through the serene waterways, under historic bridges, and past ancient palazzos, offering a unique perspective of Venice’s timeless beauty.

Our guide, Yannick, was fantastic!! I have never had a guide that was so genuinely passionate about the subject as Yannick was talking about D-Day. Luxury France Tours did a great job customizing to our needs rather than trying to get us to fit into its plan. They even covered the little things. We had a party of 7 and transfers where the two back rows of seats faced each other and everyone was super cramped. Luxury France Tours had the seats facing in the same direction (without being asked), and it made the whole experience much more comfortable for everyone. I would use them again.

Day 6: Murano & Burano - Artisanal Islands of Venice

Murano & Burano Islands, Italy

Venture beyond the main island on guided private tours to explore the rich cultural heritage and artisan traditions of Murano and Burano.

Murano Glassblowing Experience

In Murano, known for its centuries-old glassblowing tradition, we will include a private visit to a renowned glass studio for a private demonstration.

Witness the skillful transformation of molten glass into exquisite art by master glassblowers. Your guide will explain the history of glassmaking on the island, and you’ll have the opportunity to attempt your own creation before exploring the studio’s gallery, showcasing stunning glass artworks.

Burano Lace-making and Colorful Homes

Next, your guide will take you to the picturesque island of Burano, famous for its brightly colored fishermen’s houses and delicate lace-making.

Visit a local artisan’s workshop for a private demonstration of the intricate art of lace-making, a tradition passed down through generations.

Wander the vibrant streets with your guide, who will share tales of the island’s history and culture.

As you return to Venice, reflect on the unique experiences and skilled craftsmanship of Murano and Burano. These islands offer a deeper understanding of the Venetian Lagoon’s cultural diversity and artistic heritage, making them essential to the Venetian experience.

Day 7: Arrival in Nice - Gateway to the French Riviera

young woman in yellow top standing with arms outstretched at a viewpoint in Nice, France
Nice Viewpoint, France

Begin your French Riviera adventure with a 1 hour morning flight from Venice to Nice, transitioning from the Lombard capital’s urban elegance to the sun-drenched allure of the Côte d’Azur.

Arrival and Promenade des Anglais

Your private guide will welcome you at the airport and start your tour along the famous Promenade des Anglais.

With its azure backdrop and palm-fringed walkways, this iconic seafront boulevard epitomizes the Riviera’s charm. Your guide will share the promenade’s history and role in Nice’s transformation into a belle époque resort town.

Old Town Exploration and Cours Saleya

Dive into the heart of Nice with a guided stroll through the vibrant Old Town (Vieux Nice).

Discover the narrow, winding streets filled with colorful buildings, traditional shops, and the lively Cours Saleya market. Your guide will reveal the stories behind historic sites like the Palais Lascaris and the Nice Cathedral, offering insights into the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Castle Hill (Colline du Château)

Your first day in France draws to a close with a visit to Castle Hill, offering panoramic views of Nice and the Baie des Anges.

As the sun sets, your guide will illuminate the hill’s history, from its early Greek settlers to its current status as a picturesque park, providing a serene ending to your first day in Nice.

Day 8: Artistic Journey in Nice & Saint-Paul-de-Vence

Saint Paul de Vence village in France_
Saint Paul de Vence, France

Dedicate your second day in the city to exploring Nice’s artistic heritage and the enchanting village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, a haven for artists and writers.

Matisse Museum and Chagall Museum

Nestled in the Cimiez neighborhood, your guide will take you to the Matisse Museum, where they will showcase Henri Matisse’s life and work in Nice.

Continue to the Chagall Museum to admire Marc Chagall’s vibrant biblical paintings, with your guide providing context to his unique style and themes.


Travel to the medieval village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, known for its art galleries and studios.

With your guide, wander the cobblestone streets, explore the local art scene, and learn about the village’s allure to past artists like Marc Chagall.

Visit the Fondation Maeght, a modern art museum set amidst a sculpture garden, where your guide will highlight key works and the foundation’s history.

Day 9: From Nice to Monaco: A Glimpse into Riviera Glamour

Monte Carlo bay yacht cruise tour
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Experience the opulence and charm of Monaco, the jewel of the French Riviera, on this exclusive day trip from Nice. This trip blends luxury, history, and stunning coastal views.

Monte Carlo's Casino Square

The famous Monte Carlo district awaits as you are escorted to the iconic Casino Square, where the world-renowned Monte Carlo Casino stands as a testament to luxury and elegance.

Stroll around the square, taking in the sight of lavish cars and the exquisite Hôtel de Paris. Your guide will share tales of the casino’s storied past and its impact on Monaco’s allure.

Prince's Palace and Monaco-Ville

Journey to the historic heart of Monaco, Monaco-Ville, on “The Rock.” Here, explore the Prince’s Palace, the official residence of the ruling Grimaldi family. You may witness the ceremonial Changing of the Guard depending on the time of year.

Wander the narrow, picturesque streets of the old town with your guide, uncovering its medieval architecture and visiting the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, where Grace Kelly is interred.

Exotic Garden and Panoramic Views

Our luxurious day trip comes to an end at the Exotic Garden (Jardin Exotique de Monaco), perched on the cliffsides. This unique garden is home to an impressive collection of succulent plants and offers breathtaking panoramic views of Monaco and the Mediterranean.

Return to Nice in the evening.

Day 10: Provencal Charm in Aix-en-Provence

woman walking amongst rows of purple lavender fields in Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Another day trip from Nice beckons as you prepare to immerse yourself in Provence’s stunning natural beauty and timeless charm.

Valensole Plateau Lavender Fields

Drive to the Valensole Plateau, renowned for its vast lavender fields that bloom in vibrant shades of purple during summer.

Enjoy the bliss of the aromatic landscape while the picturesque scenery provides an ideal backdrop for breathtaking photos and a moment of tranquility amidst nature’s splendor.

Verdon Gorge and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie

Our exploration of France’s particular natural grace and beauty continues at the Verdon Gorge, often referred to as Europe’s Grand Canyon, where the turquoise waters of the Verdon River cut through steep limestone cliffs.

Discover viewpoints offering spectacular vistas of the gorge and its surroundings. Afterward, visit the charming village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, nestled at the entrance to the gorge. Known for its fine faience ceramics, the village’s winding streets, historic chapels, and artisan shops offer a glimpse into Provencal life.

Evening: Fast Train to Lyon

After a day immersed in the beauty and history of Aix-en-Provence, your guide will accompany you to the train station for your fast train journey to Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France.

Debbie and Sonia from Luxury France Tours helped us organised a lovely 6 days to Avignon & Tours after our Lourdes pilgrimage. There was a total of 15 of us in the group with some elderly people as well. It was a pleasure to work with both of them and they really went far and beyond to cater to our needs and wishes. From pacing the right amount of sightseeing per day, beautiful visits to Chateau Villandry & Chateau Chenonceau. Their choice of accommodation was top notch - booking us the hotel in Avignon that was built on the remains of a Jesuit noviciate and a former Court House in Loches. They were so helpful in late minute changes to visit the Caritatis vineyards and also managed to squeeze in some shopping time on our last day, just before the airport! The restaurant bookings and Loire Valley river dinner cruise were little wholesome touches of French hospitality through their region home grown produced and cooking. And lastly, our lovely driver for 6 days, Malik! A total gem and made our long road trip enjoyable, smooth and safe! Not a single guest suffered from motion sickness although we have 3 that were prone to it! Overall, it was a real pleasure to deal with Luxury France Tours and we will be using them again for our 2024 trip! Thank you Debbie, Sonia and Malik! Special thanks to our love guides, Sylvia, Nicolas & Valentine

Day 11: Lyon

guided tour in Saint-Jean district, Lyon, France
Saint-Jean district, Lyon, France

Delve into the rich tapestry of Lyon’s gastronomy, history, and vibrant culture, exploring the city’s renowned culinary scene and historical landmarks with an expert guide.

Vieux Lyon and Renaissance Courtyards

On your private walking tour, explore the narrow traboules (hidden passageways) of Vieux Lyon, one of Europe’s largest Renaissance neighborhoods. The streets reveal courtyards and stunning architectural details.

Learn about the area’s history and its significance during the Renaissance period.

Croix-Rousse and the Silk Weavers

Ascend to the Croix-Rousse district, historically home to Lyon’s silk weavers, known as Canuts.

Your guide will take you through this hilltop area, explaining the silk industry’s impact on the city and showing you some remaining silk workshops where traditional methods are still in use.

Day 12: Beaujolais Wine Region

pouring red wine from bottle into the glass close up shot Beaujolais Red Wine, Vineyard, France
Beaujolais Red Wine, Vineyard, France

On a guided day trip from Lyon, experience the charm and flavors of the Beaujolais wine region, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and exquisite wines.

Vineyard Tours and Tastings

Depart from Lyon to the rolling hills of Beaujolais, where you’ll visit several vineyards and wineries.

In a local winery, accompanied by a specialist, you will be introduced to the winemaking process, the region’s unique terroir, and the variety of wines produced here, from light and fruity Beaujolais Nouveau to the more complex Beaujolais Crus.

Historical Villages and Lunch in the Beaujolais wine region

Continue your exploration by visiting some of Beaujolais’ historic villages, such as Oingt and Fleurie, where medieval architecture and charming streets provide a glimpse into the region’s history.

Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant, sampling regional cuisine paired with Beaujolais wines, making for an authentic culinary experience.

Day 13: Paris - Icons of Art and History

The Louvre, Paris, France

After taking the high-speed rail link from Lyon in the morning, you will arrive in Paris in under two hours.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the splendor of the City of Light, exploring its most celebrated monuments and museums with expert guides who bring the city’s rich tapestry of art and history to life.

Louvre Masterpieces

Your Parisian adventure kicks off at the Louvre Museum, home to some of the world’s most iconic artworks.

Meet your guide outside and they will provide you with your tickets before leading you through the vast corridors to see masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Montmartre and Sacré-Cœur

Walk the quaint streets of the bohemian Montmartre district with your guide in the evening as they share tales of the artists who once lived here.

The day ends at the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur, offering one of the best panoramic views of Paris at sunset.

Day 14: Parisian Elegance and Seine River Romance

group of americans on tour at the arc de triomphe in paris
Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

We have dedicated the fourteenth day of your itinerary to experiencing the city’s elegance, from chic avenues to the romantic banks of the Seine.

Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe

Stroll down the iconic Champs-Élysées, admiring luxury boutiques and historic buildings. Your walk culminates at the Arc de Triomphe, where you’ll learn about its historical significance and enjoy sweeping city views from its terrace.

Musée d'Orsay's Impressionist Collections

Take the time to visit the Musée d’Orsay, housed in a grand Beaux-Arts railway station, to explore its world-class Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art collection.

Marvel at works by Monet, Van Gogh, and Degas, as your guide, provides context to the artistic movements represented here.

Seine River Cruise

End your Parisian journey with a private Seine River cruise. Glide past illuminated landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Notre Dame as you end your Parisian journey with a private cruise on the River Seine.

This serene experience offers a moment to reflect on the beauty of Paris, providing a memorable finale to your time in the City of Light.

Debbie, I can’t thank you enough for your guidance on our tour of Paris. The chauffeur/guide (Aymen) was such a wonderful person and his driving skills were exemplary. Your recommendation to have lunch at Bouillon Racine was spot on. I really appreciated your absolute promptness in the servicing of our tour requests. Every aspect of your business is top notch; starting with your seamless Web page

Day 15: Transfer to Barcelona & Gaudi's Masterpieces

Barcelona sagrada familia
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

On day 15, we enter the third country on our cross-European adventure. After a one-hour and forty-minute flight from Paris, you will arrive in the heart of Catalan culture and architecture. The day will be dedicated to exploring Barcelona’s iconic landmarks.

Sagrada Familia Tour

Your Barcelona journey begins at the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished masterpiece.

Explore the intricate facades and the breathtaking interior of this basilica, learning about Gaudí’s vision and the ongoing construction efforts. Your private guide will ensure you grasp this iconic structure’s symbolic elements and innovative architectural techniques.

Gothic Quarter and Barcelona Cathedral

Continue to the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic), the oldest part of the city, known for its narrow medieval streets filled with history.

Follow your guide through this labyrinthine district to the Barcelona Cathedral, a stunning example of Gothic architecture. Discover hidden squares, historic buildings, and the stories that have shaped this ancient neighborhood.

Passeig de Gràcia and Casa Batlló

Conclude your day with a stroll along Passeig de Gràcia, one of Barcelona’s most elegant avenues, lined with luxury shops and modernist landmarks.

Visit Casa Batlló, another of Gaudí’s creations. Your guide will explain the imaginative design and symbolism behind its façade and interiors, which reflect the vibrant spirit of Barcelona.

Day 16: Barcelona - Montjuïc Hill and Artistic Treasures

Montjuïc Hill Cable Car Ride, Barcelona, Spain

Now for some of the lesser visited treasures of Barcelona with a day filled with art, panoramic views, and the city’s Olympic legacy, guided by experts who bring each destination to life.

Montjuïc Hill and Olympic Sites

Montjuïc Hill offers the best views over the city and its harbor. Visit the Montjuïc Castle for a glimpse into Barcelona’s military history, complemented by stunning panoramic vistas.

Joan Miró Foundation and National Art Museum of Catalonia

The Joan Miró Foundation is a museum dedicated to one of Catalonia’s most famous artists. Your guide will highlight Miró’s major works and provide insight into his life and artistic evolution.

Next, visit the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) located in the Palau Nacional. Marvel at the extensive collection of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque art, with your guide emphasizing the museum’s most significant pieces and their historical context.

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

End your day at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, where you can enjoy a spectacular water, light, and music show.

Day 17: Valencia - Modern Marvels and Historic Charms

City of Arts and Science, Valencia, Spain
City of Arts and Science, Valencia, Spain

Set off on a high-speed train journey from Barcelona, arriving in Valencia in just 2.5 hours to begin a day of innovative architecture and timeless traditions.

City of Arts and Sciences

Start exploring Valencia with a visit to the City of Arts and Sciences, a stunning creation by architects Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela.

With your private guide alongside you every step of the way, explore the futuristic structures, including the Hemisfèric, the Science Museum, and the Oceanogràfic. Your guide will delve into the design concepts and the role of this complex in Valencia’s cultural and scientific development.

Valencia's Old Town and Cathedral

Transition from modern to historic Valencia as your guide leads you through the winding streets of the Old Town.

Visit the Valencia Cathedral, where you can see a mix of architectural styles and learn about its claim to house the Holy Grail. Explore the bustling Plaza de la Virgen and the Gothic Silk Exchange (La Lonja de la Seda), a UNESCO World Heritage site, to understand Valencia’s historic trade importance.

Turia Gardens

Stroll through the Turia Gardens, a verdant oasis in the city built on the former riverbed of the Turia River. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the urban park as you enjoy the sculptures, fountains, and bridges on display.

Day 18: Valencia's Coastal Beauty and Culinary Delights

Albufera Natural Park, Spain

Focus on the Mediterranean coastline and rich culinary heritage of Valencia on day 18.

Albufera Natural Park

Venture south of Valencia to the Albufera Natural Park, a vital wetland reserve known for its biodiversity and beautiful lagoon.

Enjoy a boat tour on the lagoon, highlighting the local flora and fauna and the importance of rice cultivation in the area, essential for Valencia’s signature dish, paella.

Paella Cooking Class

Embrace Valencia’s culinary traditions with a private paella cooking class.

A local chef will guide you through the steps of creating authentic Valencian paella, sharing tips and the cultural significance of this iconic dish. Enjoy the fruits of your labor in a delightful meal, gaining a deeper appreciation for Valencia’s gastronomic legacy.

Malvarrosa Beach

End your day with a relaxing visit to Malvarrosa Beach, Valencia’s popular urban beach. Take a leisurely walk along the promenade, and enjoy the Mediterranean breeze as you prepare to visit the Royal Capital of Spain the following day.

Day 19: Madrid - A Tapestry of Royal Splendor and Artistic Riches

Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain

A swift one-hour and 40-minute high-speed train journey from Valencia brings you into the heart of Spain’s capital, where royal history and art converge.

Royal Palace of Madrid

Your first stop in Madrid is the Royal Palace, the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family, where you will explore the opulent state rooms on an exclusive private tour.

Throughout the Palace, your guide will share intriguing stories of its history and architectural evolution. Each room is adorned with art and exquisite furnishings, revealing the lifestyle and tastes of Spanish royalty.

Prado Museum

One of the world’s premier art galleries, the Prado Museum, is your next destination.

Your tour here promises to be an exquisite guided journey through an impressive collection of European art, highlighting masterpieces by Velázquez, Goya, El Greco, and Titian. Gain insights into these works’ historical and cultural contexts, enhancing your appreciation of Spain’s rich artistic heritage.

Stroll through Retiro Park

Top off your day with a leisurely walk in Retiro Park, Madrid’s most famous green space.

The park perfectly balances significant landmarks, such as the Crystal Palace and the Monument to Alfonso XII, while ensuring a pervading sense of space and relaxation.

Absolutely delighted with the tour arranged by Luxury France Tours. The guide was marvellous so knowledgeable and ensured everyone had a wonderful time. Changed the itinerary to suit what we needed. I highly recommend this company to anyone planning a trip to France, five stars all round!

Day 20: Madrid - Vibrant Streets and Historic Neighborhoods

Flamenco Dancer, Madrid, Spain

Navigate Madrid’s lively avenues and traditional districts, enriched by the expertise of local guides, and immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

Madrid's Habsburg District

We begin our second day in Madrid in the Habsburg district, the historic heart of the city, where you can explore the Plaza Mayor, a grand square with a rich history of markets, bullfights, and public executions.

Wander through the narrow streets to the Mercado de San Miguel, where the city’s culinary delights are on full display.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and Gran Vía

Visit the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, housing an extensive art collection that complements the Prado’s, with works ranging from medieval to modern.

With so many masterpieces on display, a private guide is essential to maximize your time here, exploring and highlighting key pieces and the stories behind them.

Afterward, take a stroll down Gran Vía, Madrid’s bustling thoroughfare, known for its grand architecture, theaters, and shops.

Flamenco Show

Experience the passion and intensity of Flamenco at a local “tablao.”

Truly, no trip to Spain would be complete without taking the time to view the mesmerizing dance and music that capture the spirit of Spain.

Day 21: Day Trip to Toledo

Toledo, Spain

Spend your final day in Spain, the last of our 21-day itinerary, on a day trip to Toledo, a city that stands as a testament to Spain’s diverse historical layers, from its Moorish past to its medieval heritage.

Toledo's Historic Center

In Toledo, your guide will lead you through the winding streets of the historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visit the imposing Alcázar, the majestic Toledo Cathedral, and the Santo Tomé Church, home to El Greco’s masterpiece “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.”

Jewish Quarter and Synagogue

Explore Toledo’s Jewish Quarter, where the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca and the El Tránsito Synagogue and Sephardic Museum offer insights into the city’s multicultural past.

Your guide will share the history of Toledo’s Jewish community and the significance of these well-preserved sites.

Return to Madrid

With a final private transfer to your accommodation in Madrid, we conclude our epic three-country itinerary, having explored the best of Italy, France, and Spain in just 21 days!

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