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Welcome to our day trip from Paris to Bruges, where medieval charm and culinary delights await!

Your journey begins with a chauffeured ride from your hotel to Gare du Nord, setting the stage for a day of exploration in one of Belgium’s most picturesque cities. In Bruges, climb the iconic Belfry for sweeping views, meander through quaint streets lined with historic canals, and indulge in rich Belgian chocolates and local brews. 

This immersive tour combines cultural landmarks, unique culinary experiences, and artisan workshops, ensuring a memorable escape to the heart of medieval Europe—all within a day’s travel from Paris.

Highlights of Our Bruges Day Trip 

Fast Train From Paris to Bruges

Begin your day trip to Bruges with a morning departure from your hotel. Your chauffeur will meet you and escort you to Gare du Nord for your swift train journey to Bruges.

Bruges Market Square Tour

Bruges Market Square, Belgium
Bruges Market Square, Belgium

Upon arrival in Brugges, your guide will take you to the heart of the city, to Markt (Market Square), the bustling central hub. 

Dominating the square is the iconic Belfry of Bruges, an impressive medieval bell tower. For those looking for a unique perspective, ascend the 366 steps of the Belfry to be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views across the city’s historic rooftops and beyond. 

Back on the ground, soak up the lively atmosphere of the square, surrounded by colorful gabled buildings and the comings and goings of both locals and tourists. It’s a perfect spot to experience the vibrancy of Bruges while enjoying a coffee or Belgian treat from one of the many surrounding cafes.

Bruges’ Medieval Streets and Canals

Bruges Histroic Center & Canals, Belgium

Your guide will reveal tales and stories from Bruges’ past as you stroll through its medieval streets and canals with your private guide. 

This guided walk takes you through the cobblestone lanes lined with historic, ivy-draped buildings, transporting you back in time. 

A highlight of your tour will undoubtedly be the Rozenhoedkaai, one of Bruges’ most celebrated and photographed spots. Here, you can capture the quintessential postcard-perfect views of the city, with the water reflecting the medieval architecture and the tranquil skies above.

Along the way, your guide will share insights into the city’s rich history and point out hidden gems often overlooked by casual tourists. You’ll discover quiet courtyards, secret gardens, and the charm of small artisan shops. Each turn and bridge over the canals offers a new vista, making this stroll an unforgettable experience in discovering the true essence of Bruges.

Visit Basilica of the Holy Blood

Basilica of the Holy Blood, Bruges, Belgium

Next, we step inside the revered Basilica of the Holy Blood, a landmark that merges profound historical significance with stunning architectural beauty. 

As you explore the church, your guide will detail its fascinating background, including how it came to house the venerated relic believed to be the blood of Christ. The basilica itself showcases an exquisite blend of Romanesque and Gothic styles, making it a feast for the eyes and a pivotal stop for those interested in religious history and architecture. 

Experience the solemn atmosphere of the chapel and view the precious relic, which has been a focal point of pilgrimage for centuries.

Canal Boat Tour

Canal Boat Tour in Bruges, Belgium

Enjoy a serene canal boat tour, an ideal way to appreciate the historic splendor of Bruges from a unique vantage point. 

As your boat glides through the ancient waterways, your guide will illuminate the stories behind the majestic facades that line the banks. Learn about the city’s evolution from a medieval powerhouse to a modern haven for culture and art. 

The gentle pace allows you to soak in the Gothic architecture and peaceful scenes of daily life by the water, offering a deeper understanding of this charming city’s past and present. 

Lunch in Bruges

Enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of Bruges’ cozy local cafés, where you can delve into the heart of Belgian cuisine. 

Sample quintessential dishes such as moules-frites—succulent mussels steamed to perfection and served with crispy, golden fries. Alternatively, treat yourself to a sweet delight with a warm Belgian waffle drizzled with rich chocolate or crowned with fresh fruit. 

Private Belgian Chocolate Workshop

Chocolate Making Class, Belgium

Immerse yourself in the art of Belgian chocolate making at a renowned chocolatier’s atelier. 

In this private workshop, you’ll have the unique opportunity to create your own Belgian pralines, guided by the expert hands of a master chocolatier. Discover the secrets behind selecting the finest cocoa, tempering chocolate to achieve the perfect gloss and snap, and crafting exquisite fillings from fresh, high-quality ingredients. 

As you mold and decorate your chocolates, learn about the history of Belgian chocolate and its world-acclaimed reputation. This hands-on experience not only enhances your appreciation of artisan chocolate making but also lets you take home your delicious creations as a personalized souvenir!

Visit a Local Brewery

Belgium Beers, Bruges
Belgium Beers, Bruges

Step into the world of Belgian brewing with a tour of a local brewery where tradition meets modern craft. 

Begin in the brewing hall, where all the magic happens, and witness the meticulous process of brewing Brugse Zot Blond and other celebrated beers. Your guide will explain the intricacies of brewing, from mashing to fermentation. 

Ascend to the brewery’s rooftop for a stunning 360° view over Bruges, capturing the historic skyline and bustling city below. Conclude your tour with a tasting session of the brewery’s finest unfiltered beers.

Return to Paris

After a day filled with discovery and enjoyment, your chauffeur will escort you to the station for your swift return journey on the fast train to Paris.

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